Daily Tweet Dump

12:16 Another award winning weekend is about to conclude. The world needs more weekends like this.

13:16 New favorite tag-line, “Making the dark-side fun!”.

13:21 Weighed in below 192 lbs this morning.

15:30 Updating Windows 7 on the netbook from build 7000 to 7068. Should take the rest of the afternoon.

17:07 Gorf Belongs to Minnesota! ff.im/1NGA4

17:42 Gorf belongs to Minnesota! tinyurl.com/cu94v8 I pity the rest of world’s lilliputian Gorf skills.

20:29 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/2838442 – Yesteday’s walk – connect.garmin.com/activity/2838447

22:09 @jimgaffigan That’s good… because I am pregnant with your love child.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:35 @IMTBONE Cool! Does RunKeeper only work with an iPhone 3G?

21:02 zoyx: How come there is never intelligent discussion about the glass ceiling face by hunchbacks?

21:02 zoyx’s status on Friday, 13-Mar-09 03:13:48 UTC

21:56 Bathroom currently has the sweet aroma of NASCAR!

22:01 zoyx: How come there is never intelligent discussion about the glass ceiling face by hunchbacks?

22:01 zoyx’s status on Friday, 13-Mar-09 03:13:48 UTC

Daily Tweet Dump

08:46 I shall declare today as ice back in day for my pond. Cripes, look thick enough to walk on.

09:24 @Lileks We predict hydrometeors all the time.

10:16 Following the flood on Twitter – tinyurl.com/cls5hr

15:50 @scottsimpson No pleats here, much to the chagrin of my employer. In mpls?

15:57 @am1500KSTP Joe is such a bad-ass rebel. {snurk}

16:28 Kurt took “Which color is your aura?” quiz and the result is clear! You have no aura you soulless bastard. Clears are the most empty, vacan

19:45 RT | @hotdogsladies thinks you should consider abandoning that third-person present-tense verb idiom you picked up on Facebook.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:53 Nintendo Wii Update ff.im/1JVoP

11:18 Just added a GPS based altimeter app to my TomTom. Not expecting great accuracy.

19:35 Will be listening to a 49 minute mp3 audio file, with 3 guys offending people in 4 continents when he gets home. tinyurl.com/YLNTEp23

Daily Tweet Dump

09:49 Just got a spam email for “soft” viagra. Umm, don’t I want the hard kind?

09:52 RT @mndailynews: Beer pong enthusiasts could be at risk for diseases: tinyurl.com/c7xo56

17:12 Added first applications to the new TomTom. Two calculators, and a flash light application. Starting small.

20:38 Just added myself to the wefollow.com twitter directory under: #latex #memoryfoam #anatomicallycorrect

20:45 WoOt! I have 100 followers. Oops… make that had 100 followers.

20:49 @jimmyfallon Beer pong? You like catching mono. Hope you had your shots.

Daily Tweet Dump

04:12 The “Play-Geometry-Wars-and-Forget-to-Eat Diet” worked to perfection last night. Lost 3.1 lbs between weigh-ins.

04:22 First time weighing in below 193 lbs.

14:12 Today shall be declared ice-out day for my pond. Swimming in the duckweed isn’t too far away!

19:59 Geometry Wars : Galaxies – Wii – All planets bronze or higher, thats 57 screens. 18 silver or higher and 2 golds.

20:07 5k run… no idea how fast. Forerunner battery was dead.

Daily Tweet Dump

22:38 New cliché for your daily use. “Like looking for a straw in a stack of needles”. Thought of it myself… no need to thank me.

Daily Tweet Dump

06:18 If there is a zombie uprising in your cube farm, you definitely want a Model M keyboard to defend yourself. www.clickykeyboards.com/

11:58 @hodgman Correct size? Correct gender? Correct species?

13:48 My housing development is also a cow sanctuary. Cows wandering the streets give our community a unique character. Also a unique odor.

14:10 Cousin, Howard Tayler, is up for a Hugo… is.gd/oreX. I like how he is the only nominee that did everything (story & art).

18:46 Just cleaned the bathrooms. May have found my retirement career.

19:06 Watching – kevinpollakschatshow.com/.

22:22 Got another DeVotchka collection, this one is 2003’s “Una Volta”. Damn, there is some talent there. Search up DeVotchka on last.fm and Imeem

22:35 @kevinpollak Good times… thanks.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:00 Mac Mini in Living Room ff.im/1EfNp

12:13 RT @rainnwilson: SIZE MATTERS! Make those teeny tiny wimpy URLs really get her attention at EnormousURL.com

15:06 One Third Marathon – connect.garmin.com/activity/2676304.

21:12 Always fun having a garbage bag explode, and releasing it’s wonderful odors. Now where did I put those aroma candles.

22:29 @god Is it wrong to use a crucifix as bling?

23:02 @Zenkitty714 No you don’t. Shoosh your mouth!

Daily Tweet Dump

09:11 Oddity Faire – Les Claypool ff.im/1D2W5

09:22 Couple of vids from last night – Claypool – is.gd/obZr … Devotchka – is.gd/obZO.

09:36 RT @thurrott: Twhirl maker Seismic has a Facebook AIR app ( is.gd/nluB ) … looks OK. But why isn’t this just part of Twhirl?

11:28 Copying over my Steam apps, 48.6 GB, over to the mini. Nice having a gigabit lan for jobs like this.

11:43 1493 3dmark03 score for the mac mini. Yuk.

12:47 @jimgaffigan You better learn, twittering is a fundamental skill… like eating and wiping your ass.

14:38 Using hair clippers to trim cat claw damage to chair. Working!