Daily Tweet Dump

20:31 Shop Goodwill ff.im/2sAR9

21:30 Favre: “Nothing has changed. At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football.” The “At this time” part makes it o

21:45 Computer on a slab of wood ff.im/2sFBQ

Kooking with Kurt

This is how you make cinnamon toast… very complex, so follow carefully.

Pre-mix cinnamon and sugar…this makes cinnamon sugar… place in sugar dispenser.

Make toast… bread and a toaster come in handy here.

Important!! While toast is still piping hot, smear soft spread margarine on one side of the toast. If margarine does not melt, you were too slow, and you have failed!!!

Pro-tip: If you have unmelted margarine, sneak toast back into toaster for a few seconds while your parents aren’t looking… this should finish melting the margarine.

Now evenly spread cinnamon sugar on the margarine covered toast. Your liquefied margarine should act as a “glue” for the cinnamon sugar.

Goes well with milk… bon appetit!

Daily Tweet Dump

04:14 Morning checklist: Glasses {check} Bathroom {check} Wii Fit weigh-in {check} Check news for zombie outbreak {check} PB&J {check}.

07:44 My wx station reported a high of 84 yesterday…about 20 deg too high. My only explanation? Swamp gas.

14:52 Tomorrow is Save the Frogs Day (www.savethefrogs.com/day). So… anyone up for a rousing game of Frogger?

Daily Tweet Dump

11:12 Break in the drought – healthy rain. Definitely be cutting the lawn in a couple days… especially since I made the mistake of fertilizing.

15:54 Finished off a Zoyx blend. I think a bit too much coconut rum in this batch.

17:46 Feed your fears… track the swine flu… is.gd/uyyZ.

Daily Tweet Dump

07:42 Essential jobs after Z-day – is.gd/upK4.

12:42 Acronym for the day… THRUSH – Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity.

16:09 Bea… thanks for being a friend.

16:26 43.25% marathon ! ! – connect.garmin.com/activity/4228384. Perfect running weather – mid 50s, light winds, thin overcast.

Daily Tweet Dump

08:46 I suppose if I used Linux everyday, I would get used to it. I guess the same can be said for waterboarding.

11:34 Just did a 2 mile run in my converse all-stars… the inspiration – is.gd/tj4S. Yes, I was wearing pants.