Daily Tweet Dump

10:12 Currently racially profiling blueberries.

11:34 Have they found Billy Mays’ personal physician yet?

22:23 9 holes of golf, and family gathering complete. Off to bed.

Daily Tweet Dump

17:32 Happier times – bit.ly/MM0fY

18:02 Bold prediction… we will have MJ sitings, similar to Elvis sitings after his death.

23:44 Changed my Twitter avatar in remembrance of MJ.

Daily Tweet Dump

18:17 Your SSD decoder ring! – pcper.com/article.php?aid=736

18:41 Just bought a used Xbox 360 Pro from the Best Buy outlet store on Ebay – $130. Good deal… if it works.

18:52 I have the songs, “Oh Carolina” and “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina.” in my brain right now… strange.

20:00 South Carolina Governor is more proof that heterosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry! Family values and true marriage belong to the gays.

20:03 @spartalacrosse I need to hike the Appalachian trail, alone, this weekend. Hope you understand.

22:09 @drtiki 7+12i

23:02 Sanford’s romping to Argentina make my trips to Wisconsin look trivial. I will have to step up my game.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:36 Enough wind power for all energy. Article doesn’t get into economics or environmental impact – trunc.it/j3uj

17:55 Crysis on a Mobile Phone ff.im/-4lN2J

20:34 Installing MS security essentials beta on my Windows computers. Didn’t care for AVG all that much.

21:37 5k dusk run. Only 9 minute miles… but fine with that, considering the humidity.

23:04 Installed an Ubuntu VM on my Windows 7 machine. Also took a shower. Really…

Daily Tweet Dump

09:46 @spam laptopspecials

11:58 Firefox 3.5 is going gold apparently. My RC version just updated to 3.5 final.

15:20 Can a person have too many waffles? That answer is a boldly defiant *NO*!

18:52 Did a noble Father’s Day activity… cleaned the garage. The couch and home entertainment system are ready for business!

19:52 Wonderful FLOSS podcast with Tim O’ Reilly. Go to 5 minutes to get past the small talk – twit.tv/floss73

22:18 @drinkingwithian Baked or fried?

Daily Tweet Dump

08:50 @spartalacrosse love to be lazy with you.

23:37 Back from kayaking the St. Croix – from Marine on St. Croix to the Osceola railroad bridge and back. About 11 miles total. A little sunburn.

Daily Tweet Dump

14:24 Next fun firefox greasemonkey script for Facebook… highlights remover… userscripts.org/scripts/show/44181

16:10 My Dingoo A320 arrived from Hong Kong today. Let the hacking commence – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dingoo

19:10 RT- @wx_kjbc Kenosha 47th ave & 30th st during tornadic storm: max gust wind 23mph SSE, max rain rate 7.4 in/hr, no hail noted

19:11 RT – @nwsmkx Serious and Life threatening flash flood event in progress for Kenosha County area. Turn around, do not drown.