Fresh install of Ubuntu, WRF_EMS and the benchmark is in …

Collecting system information from the benchmark simulation

                 System Date         : Tue Jul 14 03:41:49 2009 UTC
                 Alternate Hostname  : None
                 Machine Address     : 
                 Alternate Address   : 
                 Machine OS          : Linux      
                 Kernel              : 2.6.28-13-generic  
                 Linux Distribution  : 5.0  
                 CPU Name            : AMD Phenom(tm) 9950 Quad-Core Processor    
                 CPU Type            : i686    
                 CPU Instructions    : barcelona    
                 Physical CPUs       : 1    
                 Cores per CPU       : 4    
                 Total Processors    : 4    
                 CPU Speed (MHz)     : 1300.000   
                 System Memory       : 3276 Mb
                 Binaries            : STRC Compiled x32    

Summary of nodes and processors used for benchmark simulation:

             *  4  processors

           WRF EMS ARW core benchmark simulation completed in 27 minutes 39 seconds

Only red flag is the CPU speed… what's up with that?  Otherwise I think I shall declare this a success.  Good night…

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WRF_EMS + Ubuntu 9.04 + VirtualBox + Windows 7 RC = Near Success

Managed to start up the benchmark for the WRF_EMS this evening.  WRF_EMS was running on a Ubuntu 9.04 VM using VirtualBox on top of Windows 7.  It did indeed start up and it maxed out all 4 processors.  Something it did not do when I tried to run the previous version of WRF_EMS on the previous version of Ubuntu last winter.  So some progress there.  Your screenshot of this convoluted mess.

Problem was that after a bit, the run would dump and spit out an error code.  Different places too.  Soooo, somewhere along the line, some bits were being contaminated, and not corrected.  Don't know who the culprit is at this moment, but I think I will put VirtualBox at the top of the list.  Memory management for VirtualBox probably isn't bug free yet.

Now doing a fresh install of Ubuntu on a spare hard drive.  We'll see how it works without VirtualBox and Windows 7 in the mix.

Concerning Ubuntu, some things need to be done in order to get WRF_EMS running to this point.  My notes so far:

sudo apt-get install csh // Yup, no c-shell in the default install.  You then have to make csh the default shell for the user you are installing the WRF under.  Log off then back on after changing the default shell.

sudo apt-get install build-essentials  // Don't know if this is needed, but like to have it around in case we are compiling something.

sudo mv /bin/sh /bin/sh-move-out-of-the-effing-way
sudo ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh  // Doing this symbolic link is necessary to get rid of some syntax errors.

When running the install script, run it under the user that you want to have control of the WRF.  Don't be running it under root or sudo.  The script borks the ownership when installed this way.  Yes, I told the script what user to give permissions to.

You will also need to use the wget method ( –http –wget) and not the curl way.  Using curl will cause puke-age.  Ubuntu doesn't come with curl installed by default anyway.

That's just to get to the benchmark stage.  I haven't reached the point where I am defining the domain.  Expecting to spew more swear words when I reach that point.

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My Facebook, Twitter & Livejournal posts, now brought to you by Posterous

I am experimenting with Posterous for posting to my various social sites.  All I have to do is compose an email to {social site} and Posterous routes it to the appropriate site (after some initial config, donating of blood, etc).  If you want a post to go to multiple sites, separate with a plus… e.g.  Very slick… liking Posterous so far.  I may start up blogging again…. we'll see.

Quick quiz, how do you pronounce Posterous?  No clue myself.  I am going with post-r-us until somebody tells me different.

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Bike hike from Victoria to the Hopkins depot and back – 33 miles. Ow.

In contrast, a Tour De France trace…

Legs were kinda sore the last 10 miles or so.  I should really lay off on the diseases.  I did a 50 mile ride and a 46 mile ride earlier this year and the legs weren't as sore this trip.

I lost my bike shorts virginity during the ride.  Really comfy.  Is it possible for a guy to get a "bike smile"?  I think so.

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Tweet Backup

Loud twitter is broke, so no auto updates for this blog for some time. Using Twitter Backup until the Loud twitter dude gets his server back up and running. Also, now points toward this blog.

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