I now have 277 Atari 2600 cartridges. Need about 140 more to complete the collection… most of those are expensive and shitty.

Learned a new thing via @spartalacrosse. Mullet business theory – all business up front, party behind the scenes.

Can’t help notice that most of my friends that were into hardcore shooter games, are now playing Pop Cap games. popcap.com

Just watched “Burn After Reading”. Lesson? The govt is watching your every move, and frankly, you’re only mildly amusing.

With @commandertim as enabler, will be upgrading my xbox360 HD from 20GB to 120GB with an OEM HD next week. Shall I webcast the procedure?

No Favre for the Vikes. I guess they’re going after Michael Vick now…

RT @RandyTayler: If diet soda had negative calories, I’d be anti-matter by now. Strange, but true.

Back from floating on the Apple River, and a bit of Lumberjack Days.