Daily Tweet Dump

10:51 Listening to a podcast about improving productivity. It is helping me waste time.

16:15 Now following @longreads. I think I am finally ready for something more than a 140 characters.

Daily Tweet Dump

12:13 Found this newspaper from the day I was born, very interesting :: bit.ly/cu4VF

13:28 Birthday today, coping well. Pacing in tighty whiteys, taking hits of whiskey, and occasionally raising my fist and cursing god.

14:57 @bigteebo Yes, you recall correctly – bit.ly/qoMvu

16:14 Dec. 15, 1980: Kramer to Rashad ‘miracle catch’ :: bit.ly/sY1dL :: I have a copy of this game on DVD for anyone interested. #Vikings

17:22 @spartalacrosse @jamespa1966 No W7 party for me. And I am somewhat excited about this release.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:14 @SouhanStrib Stop mocking the Childress beard! Way better than the 70s porn ‘stache he was sporting.

12:46 RT @SouhanStrib: Gore’s hurt, now Coffee’s hurt, next 49ers RB up: Roger Craig

13:12 Watching Vikes on 7″ LCD TV. If you hold it 4 inches from your face – HD BABY!!

13:33 Just took a “behavior style assessment”. My primary style is “socializer”, secondary is “director”. I declare BS.

13:39 Perfect play at the end of the half for the Vikes. Niners fell for our “gift touchdown to end the half” trick.

14:48 Tested the vacuum cleaner – works. Pro-tip: always test your vacuum cleaner once every 3 months.

18:34 Favre brought back memories of two-minute Tommy Kramer today. Side note: wife called Kramer one-minute Tommy.

23:54 RT @SarahKSilverman: I feel pretty lucky. Thousands of people die every day and it’s never me.

00:21 Janeane Garofalo Shrine [pic] ff.im/-8PVXW

Daily Tweet Dump

08:01 Did a test run of the furnace – fail. {grumble}

08:25 Furnace running. The initial false starts a bit disconcerting. Probably had to fry away dust or dead mouse first.

08:29 @jojeda the house party video was done by houseparty.com… not MS.

12:49 @RandyTayler Yeah, something like this would be nice – bit.ly/zumnK

13:41 RT @merlyn: FLOSS Weekly 88: Linus Torvalds is out! twit.tv/floss88 (#linuxcon)

16:31 Odyssey2 [pic] ff.im/-8MbXL

16:39 Odyssey2 ff.im/-8Md6G

19:55 Not a big fan of John Mayer’s music, but I would enjoy hanging out with the guy. He’s a goof – twitpic.com/ja0l9

20:06 My inner-mom is telling me I need to clean house for an hour before playing video games. My inner-child is now pouting.

22:00 Watching 1st episode of Cosmos. Carl Sagan is a F-ing rock star in a corduroy sport coat.

22:28 My nephew didn’t win homecoming king, but fun was had by all. Although if it were my kid, I would of stormed the stage, demanding a recount!

00:01 The house is a cleaner and neater place. And yah know, I think now a happier place. <*>CANDY DREAMS<*>

Daily Tweet Dump

15:26 @jojeda AT&T insiders said that the network wasn’t ready for MMS… not enough capacity. This may be the problem.

15:33 Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium OEM pre-ordered – $100

17:53 Nice rain – 0.91″

23:27 Feeling somewhat clever. Installed Ubuntu on a thumb drive.

23:39 @randytayler twitpic.com/j5yli – It says chocolate. What else do you need?

00:39 Uploaded this — The Crane Live Video by Trip Shakespeare bit.ly/IL79p

Daily Tweet Dump

09:38 People are on my roof tearing off shingles… better not rain.

09:43 View from a weather balloon :: bear.sbszoo.com/bear3-4/bear4.htm

10:12 Found out my nephew & his GF are finalists for homecoming king/queen @ Mahtomedi. My brain is having problems with this concept.

10:34 RT @zefrank: new time vid :: bit.ly/13qK5W :: tea party

10:51 RT @dbrady: Even an imaginary clock is right 2x+i times a day.

10:55 @spartalacrosse Yes, very weird. His brother was home schooled because he was so social outcasty (in cool way).

11:15 Zellers Challenge [pic] ff.im/-8ECF4

11:47 National Punctuation Day>>nice thing about Twitter~you can make up your own punctuation✺

13:54 Computer building time! Haven’t spewed any naughty words… yet.

14:18 Harmony Cartridge ff.im/-8FboE

14:26 One of the better uses of auto-tune :: bit.ly/1YpEFu :: Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking duet.

15:45 Roofers wrapping up: Redid valleys that traversed house and garage>problems with ice dams/leakage in garage during spring melt.

17:48 Computer built :: Athlon II X4 620 :: ATi 2600XT :: idle/load 78/170 watts :: 3dmark05Free 10815

18:08 @commandertim Yep. Will be trying distributed computing (clustering). Phenom X4 = server. Athlon II X4 = a node.

00:31 Definitely will get a Radeon HD 5xxx card, just won’t be a 5870. Impressive card, but a bit of overkill for my needs. bit.ly/w4W62

Daily Tweet Dump

10:54 Damn! Missed the vibrating football game during the wootoff.

11:33 Stretching Poster [pic] ff.im/-8ATLE

13:13 I miss Kurt Vonnegut :: bit.ly/l57sr :: mainly because we share the same first name. Page down for audio clip.

21:15 Well, Moma & the Papa’s songs just became awkward to listen to.

23:34 Just watched “Leatherheads”. Now have a headache. But my man crush for George Clooney lives on.

Daily Tweet Dump

08:32 RT @jdickerson: Obama team edits down joint session speech to four minutes: bit.ly/4chEt7

11:07 I like how this Internet addiction site links to their social networking accounts and blogs. Like starting alcohol rehab at a microbrewery.

11:37 Since I seem to be on a Wilson / Munson kick :: Semisonic – Chemistry :: bit.ly/DA5FC

16:20 Happy equinox!

17:16 RT @TheCurrent: Today’s Dan Wilson in-studio performance is now online. Check it out! bit.ly/dan_wilson

20:32 RT @robhuebel: I bet the guy that invented khaki pants was white. And I bet he wishes he was never born.

23:24 Gaming ‘droid ff.im/-8z2Yj

Daily Tweet Dump

13:47 RT @abigvictory: There are proper uses for speakerphone. Getting results from your doctor isn’t one of them. But congrats on being free from any STD symptoms and signs in men.

14:10 RT @curtsmith: Today’s Dickipedia: bit.ly/t2std

14:56 RT @patricknorton: Go College Students II: bit.ly/14uxIr

16:44 RT @martinsargent: I just lost a little respect for Lance Armstrong: bit.ly/uLxw3

19:02 RT @SouhanStrib: great couch night – twins-sox, colts-dolphins, brad childress on dancing with stars!

23:06 This song from Wilson & Munson comes with free WIN :: bit.ly/VLpiD :: thetwilighthours.com

23:42 Fun find – Trip Shakespeare doing Crane 1990 :: bit.ly/ojl8G :: Munson – Wilson – Wilson in the front row.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:04 @urkillingme The only reason I followed you is that you didn’t seem like a spammer, If you try and sell me a time-share, prepare for wrath.

11:08 Why are there Mardi Gras beads in my gym bag?

11:13 @spartalacrosse 4 sets… gold/white/purple/green. There was also a bungie cord.

13:22 The team in the white uniforms scored! That geriatric looking player seems quite happy.

13:31 RT @sween: I only ask myself “What would Jesus do?” if I don’t want to shave.

14:58 T-Jack? Don’t the Vikings realize how important it is to cover the spread?

16:32 I want this keyboard :: bit.ly/9hVQN :: Only $1200.

17:44 RT @SouhanStrib: Twins rookies forced to wear Teletubbie outfits on trip to Chicago. Wouldn’t want to be the purple one.

19:08 Good buzz coming off of the Vikings this year. Same kind of feeling I got from the 1926 Duluth Eskimos.

20:11 Work should get a mame cabinet. Y’know… to build morale.

20:53 RT @johncmayer: Before Xanax, before Ambien, there was Cap’n Crunch. Over the counter. Safe. Non-habit forming. Scratchy.

22:46 Weight loss epiphany :: Exercise so hard that you get nauseous and lose all appetite.