Daily Tweet Dump

10:51 Listening to a podcast about improving productivity. It is helping me waste time.

16:15 Now following @longreads. I think I am finally ready for something more than a 140 characters.

Daily Tweet Dump

12:13 Found this newspaper from the day I was born, very interesting :: bit.ly/cu4VF

13:28 Birthday today, coping well. Pacing in tighty whiteys, taking hits of whiskey, and occasionally raising my fist and cursing god.

14:57 @bigteebo Yes, you recall correctly – bit.ly/qoMvu

16:14 Dec. 15, 1980: Kramer to Rashad ‘miracle catch’ :: bit.ly/sY1dL :: I have a copy of this game on DVD for anyone interested. #Vikings

17:22 @spartalacrosse @jamespa1966 No W7 party for me. And I am somewhat excited about this release.

My nephew didn’t win homecoming king, but fun was had by all. Although if it were my kid, I would of stormed the stage, demanding a recount!

Watching 1st episode of Cosmos. Carl Sagan is a F-ing rock star in a corduroy sport coat.

The house is a cleaner and neater place. And yah know, I think now a happier place. <*>CANDY DREAMS<*>

Just took a “behavior style assessment”. My primary style is “socializer”, secondary is “director”. I declare BS.

Watching Vikes on 7" LCD TV. If you hold it 4 inches from your face – HD BABY!!

RT @SouhanStrib: Gore’s hurt, now Coffee’s hurt, next 49ers RB up: Roger Craig

Tested the vacuum cleaner – works. Pro-tip: always test your vacuum cleaner once every 3 months.

Perfect play at the end of the half for the Vikes. Niners fell for our “gift touchdown to end the half” trick.