Daily Tweet Dump

07:45 @commandertim Super Mario Wii is in my Gamefly cue. Probably be a while after release before I see it though.

08:18 @Zenkitty714 Halloween is not a good time for black cats. www.snopes.com/horrors/mayhem/blackcat.asp

08:49 Spot-on :: RT @abigvictory: I have a feeling that “future as a programmer” means my son is an eccentric loner who dresses funny.

08:52 Ubuntu 9.10 was released yesterday. I think I found tonight’s project.

10:04 RT @joeschmitt:”On Halloween I’m giving out lemons to see if any kids make lemonade. Kids love life lessons even better than candy, right?”

18:27 Back of Marquette NWS office flic.kr/p/7bEV4n

19:31 Updated the WRF computer to Ubuntu 9.10. Did a weather run… nothing seems to be broken :: home.zoyx.com/wrf/

21:36 @spartalacrosse Thanks.

23:05 I hurt. Is it spring yet?

Daily Tweet Dump

11:51 THE SUN!! So I went outside and raked leaves.

19:44 RT @sween: If you ever offer me a cookie and I turn it down, shoot me in the head because an alien is wearing me as a meat suit.

23:53 Frankly, I’m quite embarrassed I voted for him :: tr.im/bidensneeze :: @theonion video

Daily Tweet Dump

06:57 Oh well, so much for sleeping in.

13:34 The overshooting of NWA flight 188 got me thinking… is there a commercial pilot mile high club?

18:13 Start prepping! Here comes Google social search – bit.ly/ofOdL

20:41 One use of Google Wave :: RT @arstechnica: Google Wave: we came, we saw, we played D&D – arst.ch/9a3

22:18 UPS is fail. Windows 7 disk wasn’t delivered today. Plus my eSATA to SATA adapter doesn’t appear to work. No geekasm tonight.

23:40 @acedtect Because it’s Windows, you can blame the OS. If it was OS X, it would be all your fault. Windows is the escape goat for your F-ups.

Daily Tweet Dump

07:08 This band really taps into my rebellious nature toward authority figures :: bit.ly/2xxqCL

09:20 New FB suggestions are urging me to pester FB friends. I think my status updates from the edge are enough harassment.

20:02 Bought Killing Joke’s: “Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell” released 2006. Much kick-assery. Not bad considering they are older than Favre.

23:25 RT @lonelysandwich: twitter.com/lonelysandwich/statuses/5165402066

Daily Tweet Dump

08:48 RT @badbanana: Today is United Nations Day, where you’re free to ignore any or all of your resolutions.

10:47 When this happens to you, trust me, it is *NOT* funny :: bit.ly/2VkInS

19:03 Twelve Angry Memes – #oneletteroffmovies

19:56 Borderlands looks like a game I’ll want eventually :: bit.ly/85ubY :: song with that trailer is “No Heaven” – Champion.

Daily Tweet Dump

04:17 That was fun… time to hype Windows 8.

08:44 RT @thurrott: Finally may have an answer to how you can clean install Windows 7 with Upgrade media: tinyurl.com/win7cleanupgrade

09:23 @arstechnica Please keep the personal tweets in your personal account.

10:21 @commandertim Wonder why the need for the article then? Did you activate? Was there an OS previously on the HD?

11:13 RT @Ihnatko: Boy, Obama’s Presidential limo is — different — from Dubbya’s. yfrog.com/0p1xrj

11:15 RT via bunch of people – “Mortal Kombat vs Donkey Kong.” :: bit.ly/6koQn

12:27 RT @aedison: Since I realized how great free health care is, I’ve just been breaking bones for the hell of it. Socialism is kind of awesome.

14:34 @commandertim Sounds like you did the “install twice” hack. There was something leftover on your drive that said you were upgrading.

22:23 My geocities site was www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Monitor/4581/ … looks like it is already gone.

22:37 Did find an old weather site I did :: bit.ly/3zcoav :: Ahh, the memories.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:58 Let the Windows 7 revelry engage! :: twitpic.com/mh1dl

10:26 Last night’s meal at a Japanese restaurant is now seeking revenge. One more lesson that I can’t eat anything except waffles.

10:43 I am listening to this :: bit.ly/2JYgqQ :: RIGHT NOW!

11:38 Best animatronic president ever! #bestever

13:18 Vacuum Tube TV 1980 flic.kr/p/79Ay5A

13:33 Watching a live stream of a Windows 7 house party. They are currently reading the license agreement! #w7hp

13:40 One of the better live concert homebrew videos you’ll see :: bit.ly/24AtPJ :: Thank you NIN open camera policy!

16:51 Hey everybody, host your own Windows 7 torrenting party! :: mag.ma/andrew/146170

21:22 Listening to Ladytron with milkdrop2 visualization on the new computer… and here I am, fresh out of LSD.

23:14 Quakelive for 1st time in a long time… best I could do :: bit.ly/ZOFld

Daily Tweet Dump

08:32 ATi 5770 installed on Athlon II X4 620 system. 12648 3dmark06 score. 205 watts load/85 watts idle.

09:11 More benchmarking – Crysis demo – 22.46 fps :: Very High -1280×1024 – 4xAA

09:36 More benchmarking – 3Dmark Vantage P8403 – GPUmark 8395 – CPUmark 8429

17:37 New Computer Build flic.kr/p/79j6CZ

18:38 New Computer Build [pic] ff.im/-afwQI