Daily Tweet Dump

09:09 Installing 64-bit Ubuntu for WRF. Need more memory than 3.2 GB. What the WRF wants, the WRF gets – so spoiled.

12:55 Trampled cattails. Goal is to expand exposed beach by about 15 feet. Thought I would expedite the decay process now.

Daily Tweet Dump

02:04 Hermit life took another hit. Just back from high school happy hour fun – great times! I would blog about it, but I like living. #fb

12:32 Upper 40s and sunny – feel like I should be playing golf. Pond is completely iced over though. #fb

13:22 Boycott until the 1st sale. Purchased Left 4 Dead 2 for $30 @ Amazon. – bit.ly/80R66d

19:04 Fixing old futon frame. New frame has been deemed not living room appropriate. More teenage bedroom appropriate.

19:45 @spartalacrosse Broke the wood futon frame about a month ago. Bought a new one off Amazon and don’t like it. So fixing the old one – again.

21:58 @weathertom Purchased over Amazon… don’t want to go through the hassle.

22:51 Fairly intense homemade music video – bit.ly/5AQ85i – Almost pro Cinematography.

Daily Tweet Dump

05:33 Not your usual 430 AM commute to work this morning. There was traffic. #fb

05:35 That’s fun. Just received an invite to join a Windows 9 forum…. a product that is at least 5 years away. I’m not that cutting edge.

14:23 @spartalacrosse Texting? Fell Asleep? Crazed fan? I don’t think drugs were involved. Alcohol has already been discounted.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:05 Thankful that I am allowed to be flippant about these silly holidays. #fb

11:27 EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! ! ! #fb

20:09 Back from family T-day festivities. Balloon boy costume didn’t go over well. I’m always getting these holidays mixed up.

20:20 I’m hungry. #fb

21:34 My one and only Black Friday purchase is complete. Borderlands for the PC is $20 at Amazon – bit.ly/61iVPt – No shopping for me.

22:33 T-day let’s you catch up on what the family is doing. This is what my nephew has been up to lately :: www.last.fm/music/Shyft #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

10:12 Brilliant stop motion – www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_jyXJTlrH0 #fb

10:14 Fun dream last night. Time traveler let me drive his pink Plymouth Satellite in foot deep fluffy snow. #fb

11:01 @abigvictory I am seeing more and more grocery stores installing portals to hell.

11:34 My drylete running pants arrived! No… won’t model them for you. Just say they accentuate my twig-like legs. #fb

11:55 A book of random digits on Amazon – bit.ly/8l3idC – As always, the comments are golden.

15:04 Another pass on WRF-EMS. This time a cluster with two Barcelona based chips – zoyx.posterous.com/wrf-ems – Pleased with benchmark.

21:15 EGGNOG! ! ! The official drink of Thanksgiving eve. #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

21:11 Whoops, lost some hermit cred. Did a social thing. Visited friends from college. New house w/ indoor pool. Nice! Great time had by all! #fb

21:57 @MorganWebb So the little guy… was he kinda funny lookin’?

Daily Tweet Dump

11:17 RT @aedison: So I just say “SEO” and Google drives a cement mixer full of cash to my front door, right?

11:18 Testing selective Twitter posting to Facebook. #fb

21:52 “How many times have the weathermen told you stories that made you laugh?” – bit.ly/4BKeXA

22:14 Solid Gold is a good Minnesota band. But they need to change their name, doesn’t search well – bit.ly/49Oy59 #fb

22:36 Great Minnesota band… blip’em ♫ blip.fm/~glmk0 – “Matter Of Time” #fb