How My Body is Falling Apart – Complete With Stats

My blood test results came today. My applause goes to the mail deliver dude/dudess that made it through the freshly fallen snow. So here are dah numbers:

Length of Fast:            12 hours.
Cholesterol:               203 mg/dL (should be below 200)
Triglyceride Fats:         245 mg/dL (should be below 150, over 200 is high risk)
Chol/HDL ratio:            5.0
HDL Cholesterol:           41 mg/dL (should be greater than 40)
LDL Cholesterol:           113 mg/dL (should be below 100)
Vitamin D:                 64 ng/ML (between 30-80 is optimal)
TSH:                       7.62 uIU/mL (0.20-4.5 is optimal)
Free Thyroxin:             1.4 ng/dL (0.8-1.8 is optimal)

I need to work on my Triglyceride level. So I guess I will try and lose another 10 pounds and see if that does the trick.

Already upped my dosage of levothyroxine to bring that TSH down.

Vitamin D level is good. That daily 5000 IU dosage I am taking seems to be the right amount.

Daily Tweet Dump

14:20 Blood drawn this morning. Testing cholesterol, TSH & Vitamin D. I shall post results when I get them! In the meantime – Hooray Anemia! #fb

18:22 @scottsimpson Everything looks like someone is taking a poo to you. I would look into that.

20:53 About time. 14 sunspots. Sun awakening like a lazy teenager. Latest sunspot forecast ::

Daily Tweet Dump

14:16 Non-political fun thing from Stewart/Colbert – – Brilliant. I have a thesaurus habit… makes me feel more smartly.#fb

15:00 Easter Egg :: > click “I’m Feeling Lucky” with an empty search box > 2009 countdown is displayed. #fb


18:13 Where is my fitbit? – – I pre-ordered back in September. Don’t they realize that I am a very prominent internet user! #fb

23:00 Back from workout. One screen had “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the other, “War of the Worlds”. Not a good mashup.#fb

00:07 Found it! The best remix of Headhunter –

00:21 Home dentistry tip :: Brush your teeth with Lanacane before performing your own root canal.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:45 Watching HGTV. Brilliant! I’m carpeting the ceiling. #fb

12:36 Just uploaded close to 500 images to my flickr account. Enjoy!

12:42 Nitzer Ebb reunion album about to come out – – something old from them – #fb

18:50 Insert coin. Long live GORF!

19:03 Project 2 of the day complete. Put Mame computer inside of an actual computer case. #fb

19:05 Watched/listened to this while doing the computer assembly – – good background entertainment. #fb

19:49 Activated new cell phone. Oh look, 3 voice mails I never received. One over a week old. I hate cell phones. #fb

22:45 Posting from fone. ClevAr is I. #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

06:27 RT @sween: “Shoveling would be much more satisfying if the snow could feel it.” #fb

07:02 RT @Chuckumentary: “Infamous climate-denier” Lord Monckton w/ 350 & I ♥ Climate Change stickers on his back! #fb

07:34 Today is National Lager Day. As if you needed an excuse. #fb

08:22 The only way to get a video game player to take a shower –

12:29 @drkiki Are we jumping sharks today?

15:48 Imeem has been absorbed by MySpace Music. Dead to me – especially since I can’t log into my Imeem account. #fb

20:59 Scanning old pictures. Debating on whether to post them to Flickr. Fearing extortion. #fb

00:31 I’m not the only one – #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

05:20 I’m Alive! #fb

09:48 95 days until switch to DST. 1st winter milestone passes today. Sunsets start getting later after today. Sorry, no Tiger Woods joke here.#fb

10:05 Gretchen Carlson Dumbs Down – – She’s from MN, dontcha know.

10:09 @RandyTayler Start by reading about the analemma – – Sunrise/Sunset will both be getting later from now til Jan 1st.

11:04 @youngamerican BoooooF! Why would someone change their name to something synonymous with anal intercourse… Oh, maybe that’s it.

11:21 @Zenkitty714 @RandyTayler – Dec 9 is the date for my house. Varies for different latitudes. Check here –

15:04 Just ran DNS benchmark – – OpenDNS wins! (for me). Google public DNS came in a close 2nd.#fb

Daily Tweet Dump

04:20 Feeling clever. Have the weather model computer turning on, doing a model run, then shutting off. So green – #fb

12:31 RT @tinybuddha: “Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy the thorn bush has roses.” ~Proverb

12:33 As I sit in my upside down car in this ditch, the snow is so pretty and white! … {sigh} proverb is not working for me.

14:50 @weathertom @bigteebo I’m a fibber… safely home. I probably should stop with the tall tales.

15:28 RT @badbanana: “Obama better do something about this snow problem.” #fb

15:54 Gopher coach Brewster may leave for Kansas? Nooooooo!!! Who will coach us to Insight Bowl losses?

19:38 You knew this was coming – Best of 2009, Auto-tuned –

19:43 RT @hotdogsladies: “I love music, have cool friends, and really enjoy life. So, I’d be useless as a music critic.”

19:48 Checking the 2 stage snow blower. A bit stuck, but got it working. Related note: Anyone know a good prosthesis designer? #fb

20:43 @spartalacrosse On the bright side, you will have the road to yourself!

22:45 Preemptive snow blowing complete. Only 2-3 inches on the driveway, but 2-3 inches I won’t have to deal with at 4 AM. #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

06:27 RT @sween: And does the clown dentist have to wear full makeup or is the red nose and ball gag sufficient?

06:38 RT @badbanana: Looks like there’s no way to stop Hollywood from making two more Terminator movies. Unless you’re thinking what I’m thinking.

06:40 4-8 inches with winds gusting to 30 mph… and we’re not even in the worst path of the storm.

08:29 Hrrumph. December doesn’t seem very El-Nino-like. Looks like at or below normal temps. I blame the Methodists. #fb

09:06 RT @Lileks: Writing wx copy for broadcast; no one wants to use my suggested term for the immiment blizzard, “raging albino crapfest.” #fb

10:06 Twitter/Facebook web app works wonderfully in Google Chrome. Facebook without the ads is worth it alone. #fb

22:13 @Zenkitty714 I closed all of my heat vents in the basement… letting it go cold. Staying upstairs.

Daily Tweet Dump

06:43 No more favrd – – It was a way of finding clever twitter folk. I’ll miss it. #fb

10:44 I wonder if the “web-cock algorithm” used by favrd will be open sourced.

11:15 @weathertom Very apt name – – urban-dictionary definition. Twitter needs a webcock filter.

12:16 All these posts about favrd, but still not a trending topic on Twitter. Safe to say that favrd had a cult following.

13:26 I shall ironically follow @APlusK in honor of favrd being down.

20:42 Plants! I own plants. How are they not dead. Been at least a month since they’ve been last watered. Maybe 2. #fb

21:39 @SouhanStrib He hurt his hand in the 1st half. Not throwing with confidence since then.

22:07 @spartalacrosse Yup, they’re done. Good game AZ.

22:10 @spartalacrosse Gonna get our fair share of snow and wind. I hate winter.

22:14 Turning off Vikes game. Now looking for alternative entertainment. TWIG? #fb