Back from the Lan Party

Spent 8 hours at a Chaska house playing a couple PC games with about 10 other folks.  I did rather well at Team Fortress 2.  Not so good at Left 4 Dead 2.  Around 6 PM they switched over to Company of Heroes, which is an RTS type game instead of a shooter.  I just can’t get into RTS games.  So I doodled with other games for a couple more hours, then said my good byes.

My ASUS c90s laptop purchase from nearly 2.5 years ago is looking better and better.  The gaming industry just isn't making PC games that are more graphically challenging than Crysis.  This ASUS can play Crysis at lower graphics settings just fine.

I was the only one playing on a laptop.  The others had their home built, modded-to-the-max-desktops, to give me that sense of inadequacy.  The winner was the one with an Intel i7 extreme CPU and 3 Nvidia 285 GTX graphic cards in SLI.  The system was water cooled with a spaghetti of red colored tubes running through it.  He had a 32″ LCD monitor.  His keyboard was lit, with a built LCD display that broadcast the temperature of various computer components. The owner also spent the first 5 hours of the Lan Party working on it.  Defeats the purpose of building such a rig, if it doesn’t get any game time.  He was finally playing on it before I left, but one of his audible temperature alarms went off as I was heading out the door.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:30 Island on a lake, on an island, on a lake, on an island –

14:10 Had the 8mm home movies transferred to DVD. Just received the final product. Can’t wait to watch it. #fb

20:24 IPad – the perfect digital board game platform? – #fb

22:40 Either a very sweet public service announcement or an upcoming Xbox natal game called, “Crash Into a Brick Wall”

Daily Tweet Dump

13:38 IPad just got a bit more enticing – – Just need a bluetooth earpiece and a google voice VoIP 3G app.

14:29 @Zenkitty714 Making an assumption, since IPad will use the same app store. No official word, though.

14:46 RT @drtiki: To hell with Mel Gibson

17:06 I just got one of these – – Lilliput 7″ USB Monitor. Nice having the additional real-estate.

18:15 You to can report the news – #fb

23:44 Finished “Under the Dome” audio book. Long one… 34.5 hours. Next one will be a bit more cheery & shorter. #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

11:25 Pardon while I follow your lead. RT @bobpowers1: Eyebrows up. Big inhale. High pitch up top then all breath. 4.3 seconds.#boredsighlivetweet

15:05 Ipad – the device you poop with.

15:48 1st world loneliness – – I actually like some of the dwellings… which makes sense, since I am an unhappy hipster. #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

07:01 Updating to Google Chrome 4 … #fb

11:55 RT @HalfPintIngalls: My land, something called the APPLE TABLET just came here from the future and did all my chores!

11:58 If the new Apple device doesn’t have a cloaking device or let me manipulate time, I will be VERY disappointed. #fb

18:33 Well this blab ruins some of the drama scheduled for tomorrow – #fb

18:35 Thome is now a Twin. I guess Kubel is going be out in the field more. #fb

20:12 RT @am1500_reusse: “Batting 7th, third basemen Jim Thome. 39 years old & hasn’t lost a step in @ least a decade.”