Daily Tweet Dump

19:34 5k run: bit.ly/ayAtDh – First run of the year without a sweat shirt. 70 degrees and windy.

19:38 @marcmaron Do your own obesity study. Use high fructose corn syrup.

20:35 I need to hike up some mountains this summer. Notice I didn’t say climb.

21:00 Vantage bench rerun with Catalyst 10.3 drivers. post.ly/8bGB

Daily Tweet Dump

06:09 RT @mashable: “Was Twitter’s Success Hard to Predict in 2006? Apparently, No. [VIDEO] – bit.ly/adxXFp

07:25 I find this article creepy – ow.ly/1s4tV – I do find it cool that Jobs wore jeans with a hole in the knee.

19:44 5k run: bit.ly/aSL1un

20:04 I had this when I was a kid – youtu.be/DyoUcofBo9I – Lots of fun! Tapped into my inner red neck.

21:50 Unigine heaven benchmark. Note how little the CPU is used. – flic.kr/p/7PtvNJ

Daily Tweet Dump

13:50 I shall declare today as ice out day for my pond… even though there is some ice on the far shore. I doubt this ice is long for this world.

13:53 Fun last night. Played hearts and Pass the Pigs! No actual pigs were harmed.

18:09 2.5 mile run: bit.ly/9IY7Uz – Got light headed. Wish I knew what caused this.

18:32 Posting from zoyx.biz via SocialWok. Now my virtual company can waste time under the guise of productivity!

19:19 Spring cleaning time! Must draw up a flowing mind map for optimizing situational workflow. I can do that after my nap.

Daily Tweet Dump

05:33 A vivid vampire dream, now insomnia. The dream would make a good movie script. The police are the first infected. I get a round of golf in.

05:56 Tryptophan-laced waffles… that should put me back to sleep.

11:50 5k run: bit.ly/d56S8I

12:14 RT @hotdogsladies: “When a magazine I don’t read says a celebrity I’ve never heard of has ended a relationship I never knew about, I’m…

It’s Dangerous Wanting a Thing

Here are the material possessions I am obsessing over.

Nexus One phone with Verizon compatibility. Any day now, waiting for Google to update that page so it has the Verizon plans and prices. I am expecting sticker shock. If I don’t like the plans/prices, I can wait for the Evo… the first 4G phone. Problem with the EVO? Sprint only network.

Zotac Z-Box. A barebones diminutive computer that you attach to the back of your LCD monitor via VESA wall mounting bracket. The other drool worthy features include a dual-core 1.66GHz Atom D510 CPU, NVIDIA Ion 2 graphics subsystem that includes 512MB of dedicated DDR3 memory. HDMI 1.3a, six USB ports, integrated 802.11n WiFi, dual-link DVI, and a 6-in-1 media card reader. Should be out any day now.

The latest processors from AMD should be trickling out shortly as well. Some of the 8 and 12-core Opterons made it to some retailers, and they quickly sold out. The Phenom II 6 core CPUs also should be out shortly. Waiting for ASUS to release a new bios so I can plop one of these into my existing computer.

Daily Tweet Dump

14:19 Know what I discovered today? Hall & Oates covers make me happy. An example: ow.ly/1pYWj

18:04 Some “combustible” ideas in this talk – on.ted.com/8DQs – Guaranteed to get you thinkin’.

19:25 5k run: bit.ly/cfKKdF – Should be doing mad sprints on nice days like this, but the early shift sucks the energy out of me.

23:07 Tonights fun project… installed a wiki – zoyx.info/wiki – I plan on filling it with facts that I make up.

Daily Tweet Dump

18:22 5k run: bit.ly/a0b5Hx – Beautiful day.

18:48 I remembered to put the cover on the blender the 2nd time. The 1st time was sweet, sweet comedy.

22:44 @lizzwinstead Are you still gabbing about health care? All the cool people in the Twitterverse have moved onto tort reform.