WRF-EMS benchmark on Phenom II X6 1055T

Collecting system information from the benchmark simulation

System Information for wrf-server

System Date : Fri Apr 30 18:21:42 2010 UTC
Machine Address :
Alternate Hostname : None
Alternate Address : None
Machine OS : Linux
Kernel : 2.6.32-21-generic
Linux Distribution : squeeze/sid
CPU Name : AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor
CPU Type : x86_64
CPU Instructions : istanbul
CPU Speed (MHz) : 1500.000
System Memory : 7750 Mb
Hyper-Threading : Off

EMS.cshrc Defined Processor Count:
Physical CPUs : 1
Cores per CPU : 6
Total Processors : 6

EMS Determined Processor Count:
Physical CPUs : 1
Cores per CPU : 6
Total Processors : 6

Binaries : STRC Compiled x64

Information for User mayer on wrf-server

User ID : 1000
group ID : 1000
Home Directory : /home/mayer
User Shell : /bin/tcsh
Shell Installed : Yes
~/.mpd.conf Exists : Yes
Shell Login Files : .cshrc
EMS.cshrc Sourced : .cshrc
EMS Home Directory : /home/mayer/EMS/wrfems
EMS Util Directory : /home/mayer/EMS/wrfems/util

WRF EMS ARW core benchmark simulation completed in 17
minutes 24 seconds

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WRF-EMS benchmark on ubuntu 10.04

         Collecting system information from the benchmark simulation

             System Information for wrf-server

                 System Date         : Fri Apr 30 16:48:17 2010 UTC
                 Machine Address     :
                 Alternate Hostname  : None
                 Alternate Address   : None
                 Machine OS          : Linux
                 Kernel              : 2.6.32-21-generic
                 Linux Distribution  : squeeze/sid
                 CPU Name            : AMD Phenom(tm) 9950 Quad-Core Processor
                 CPU Type            : x86_64
                 CPU Instructions    : barcelona
                 CPU Speed (MHz)     : 1300.000
                 System Memory       : 7750 Mb
                 Hyper-Threading     : Off

                 EMS.cshrc Defined Processor Count:
                     Physical CPUs       : 1
                     Cores per CPU       : 4
                     Total Processors    : 4

                 EMS Determined Processor Count:
                     Physical CPUs       : 1
                     Cores per CPU       : 4
                     Total Processors    : 4

                 Binaries            : STRC Compiled x64

             Information for User mayer on wrf-server

                 User ID             : 1000
                 group ID            : 1000
                 Home Directory      : /home/mayer
                 User Shell          : /bin/tcsh
                 Shell Installed     : Yes
                 ~/.mpd.conf Exists  : Yes
                 Shell Login Files   : .cshrc
                 EMS.cshrc Sourced   : .cshrc
                 EMS Home Directory  : /home/mayer/EMS/wrfems
                 EMS Util Directory  : /home/mayer/EMS/wrfems/util

           WRF EMS ARW core benchmark simulation completed in 21
minutes 20 seconds

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Daily Tweet Dump

07:22 Video: Chemical Brothers will have a new album out in June (Further). The first single is above. tumblr.com/xjp98e7f6

08:54 Video: Stewart on the Apple/Gizmodo kerfuffle. Both Gizmodo and Apple are having ethics issues. tumblr.com/xjp98hcbw

09:37 Steve Job’s Thoughts on Flash – The Steve Has Spoken (via laughingsquid) tumblr.com/xjp98ixy0

18:03 36 holes of disc golf. Have I told you of the importance of a floating disc?

18:34 Video: I use this song to define industrial music in my mind. Metallic clanging and highly programmed. True… tumblr.com/xjp993tyx

20:24 RT @badbanana: Seriously. Once you learn how it reaches your dinner plate, you’ll never want to eat human flesh again.

20:31 Photo: unhappyhipsters: tumblr.com/xjp99936o

21:48 10.04 – Upgrading my Ubuntu install from 9.10 to 10.04 as I type. Apparently it will have a very pretty UI…. tumblr.com/xjp99cb4b

Daily Tweet Dump

07:52 Audio: Back in the day, before you had your napster, your p2p-ing, your bit-torrenting, you had your… tumblr.com/xjp96x8f8

09:34 Video: Heh, old punkers. NOmeansNO performing “Body Bag” live recently. They’re in their 50s. A good gig if… tumblr.com/xjp970m6p

09:42 Photo: Such a deal! csakugy: tumblr.com/xjp970wm0

10:00 Video: Cranes. Dreamily Gothtastic. tumblr.com/xjp971mkm

10:32 Photo: Classic arcade game geeks will get added value from this picture. tumblr.com/xjp972uk2

12:10 Photo: csakugy: tumblr.com/xjp976gk0

14:45 Photo: Fascism humor is always good for a few yuks. tumblr.com/xjp97c0ph

20:13 Cleaned the garage. Didn’t find the Hobbit hideout.

Daily Tweet Dump

06:01 Photo: retrogasm: Future evil scientist… tumblr.com/xjp95c6fm

06:21 Photo: Looks like a Con in my future… in Iowa? tumblr.com/xjp95cr7p

06:34 Audio: inthefade: Stabbing Westward – Violent Mood Swings tumblr.com/xjp95d78q

09:05 Ordered a 6-core Phenom for my WRF weather model computer. I guess that means getting the computer out of… tumblr.com/xjp95ifku

09:32 Photo: unhappyhipsters: tumblr.com/xjp95jhts

09:46 Video: merlin: tumblr.com/xjp95jz2s

10:16 Learn what internet sites can parse about you via the Facebook Graph API – zesty.ca/facebook – privacy-shmivacy.

14:06 Here we go again. I don’t like my mellow being harshed.

15:54 Video: October 2005, when youtube was only a few months old. tumblr.com/xjp95xed4

18:19 Video: merlin: tumblr.com/xjp963i0k

20:27 2 mile run by zoyx at Garmin Connect – Details – Wonderful day. I feel sorry for the woman walking her dog. I… tumblr.com/xjp969g5y

23:06 Bios flash complete. Appears to be successful. Won’t know for sure until we plop the X6 in.

Daily Tweet Dump

03:54 Photo: merlin:With Fans Like This by Mike Monteiro tumblr.com/xjp93o20s

06:06 Photo: csakugy: MOOG! tumblr.com/xjp93ros0

06:09 Photo: (via artsandcrafts) tumblr.com/xjp93rshc

06:24 Video: Put This On, Episode 2: Shoes Put This On is a web series about dressing like a grown-up. tumblr.com/xjp93s86j

06:26 Hug an Australian Day today. You know what to do.

07:32 Droid Incredible Smart Phone – phones.verizonwireless.com/htc/incredible – If it comes with a data only plan, it is mine.

09:54 Video: The catch phrase that is sweeping the nation, “Go Fuck Yourself”. tumblr.com/xjp93zge5

10:01 Video: Ipad unboxing done by the MASTER! tumblr.com/xjp93zpyd

12:25 Video: Apollo 11 launch video from launch pad… slow-motion. tumblr.com/xjp9455mu

12:26 Photo: Hüsker Dü/Reflex Records printing plate merlin: tumblr.com/xjp9456fz

12:33 Video: Batgirl, the feminist. tumblr.com/xjp945gl6

17:42 2 mile run – bit.ly/d52qdv – I must be feeling better… 7:22 pace.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:18 RT @rands: “The total FarmVille users are over 20% of the users of Facebook and over 1% of the population of the world: j.mp/9afyIO

11:50 Industrial rhythms- Gravité (by Renaud Hallée) youtu.be/9JamM8Ca41w

17:26 First 9 holes of club golf this year. It has been reaffirmed – dumb game.

19:29 #wxreport WW 44.737 93.5389 WW 0.06 inches in the past 24 hours.

Daily Tweet Dump

05:26 He’d assumed the warm glow that woke him each morning was the sun rising. Now he saw it was actually something far more sinister.-…

09:11 You have an audience – dance! (@sween)yfrog.com/

09:45 #wxreport WW 44.737 93.5389 WW 0.38 inches of rain last night.

10:46 Vikes new back, Gerhart, new nickname is tapeworm. He can enter a pile, run through trash, and come out the other end.

12:47 I now have an excuse to get my butt in gear.

15:14 That was a lot of running around for nothing.

19:26 Another fire drill scheduled for tomorrow. This one with less panic.

20:18 2 mile run – bit.ly/dpCvOm – Feel yucky. Breathed in too many cleaning chemicals today. Needed Vitamin I to get going.

20:50 @coreypieper What is the link for the google map plot?

23:00 Photo: zadi: tumblr.com/xjp91qqin

Daily Tweet Dump

14:14 Photo: lileks: tumblr.com/xjp8zovjt

14:51 Impulse buy – bit.ly/dnaday – $99 DNA test. I shall report the findings. {insert Gattaca reference here}

15:56 RT @badbanana: I’m not antisocial. I just like to stay in most nights because my skull collection really “gets” me.

17:14 Facebook just had some down time, now back. A handy tool for testing if a site is working or not – downforeveryoneorjustme.com

17:24 Steam Coming to Linux? tumblr.com/xjp8zw6b8

18:37 @heathr Affordable contract with cans & string phone!

20:29 A true Friday night for me (no work tomorrow)… now what?

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