I have turned off posting from twitter to this livejournal page. So there may be no more posts to this blog… ever. We’ll see, I have been known to tell the tall-tale before.

I am now blogging at Which just so happens to be hosted by tumblr. Not necessarily a better blogging host, just seems to have a better community. Oh, don’t take it that way, I still love you, but tumblr is my new family now. And they have this tasty fruity-sugar-drink, with some hints of arsenic, that I just love.

I am on the twitter, @zoyx. I set up a Facebook fan page for Zoyx, but it is just mirroring what I put on and my twitter account. But “like” that page if Facebook is where you hang out. At any rate, follow me. I need your validation.

Daily Tweet Dump

06:40 Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Hope the prison guards are treating you well.

10:12 RT @TheRealNimoy: “To all Moms. LLAP”

11:01 RT @sarkastickunt: “Happy Failed Contraception Day! ” // There should be an actual day for us “oopsies”.

18:25 Photo: Mmmm, ice cream cake.

19:06 Second Grade Writing for My Mom – Apparently I had a creative writing assignment in 2nd grade. Write…

21:52 Impressive – I am getting work done this evening, even though I feel like crap. My day… Had the early morning…

Daily Tweet Dump

04:12 Photo: catastrofe:

08:34 #wxreport 1.01 inches water equivalent.

10:40 Video: Looks like Rich Kronfeld is in the middle of a project. Guessing Craigslist related. A snippet.

16:43 Packing for a 10 day trip in just a carry-on –

21:58 The Frontline Assembly homebrew vid I did 3 years ago finally hit 20k views –

22:16 I wonder if it will be cold enough tonight to kill all the mosquitoes.

Daily Tweet Dump

07:50 Qik – Woodpecker Jackhammer by zoyx

16:44 Rolled my own duathlon – – two 5k runs with a 24.8k bike ride in-between. Now enjoying post event waffles.

20:15 Video: This is me playing Fireball for the Atari 2600. Part of the High Score Club. Yeah, I’m 2nd overall….

20:34 RT @zefrank:

22:46 RT @badbanana: “If Europe goes bankrupt, I might buy Portugal as a fixer-upper. Depends on the number of bathrooms.”

Daily Tweet Dump

08:55 Photo: Folding bike by VW. via laughingsquid:

12:02 2 mile run – – Fastest 2 mile run since moving back to the cities.

17:03 Droid Incredible has arrived. Now I need to knit a cozy for it. #fb

18:14 Photo: szalonnalolto:

20:44 Frog weather. As in I expect it to be raining frogs soon.

20:57 Photo: My brains! (via dvdp)

22:49 Oh fun! My new phone ingested the phone #’s from my Facebook friends. Now to take a few hits of whiskey and start drunk dialing!

Daily Tweet Dump

07:42 Mystery with jack hammer sound coming from wood burning stove solved. Woodpecker was breaking something open on the chimney cap

11:01 Video: OvARCloaking!!11!! He makes it seems so trivial to overclock the Phenom II X6 1055T. It isn’t. Need a…

12:13 Video: brettkelly:

13:13 Photo: Blue sky, reimagineering of US currency. I like. lileks:

13:16 RT @JElvisWeinstein:

14:22 I must buy this… … with my lottery winnings! My own fiberglass dinosaurs and volcano.

14:48 @timwilsie I shall not rest until B.J. and the Bear is released. I don’t think the B.J. stood for Bachelor of Journalism.

16:41 Trent Reznor-based parenting –

16:45 RT @badbanana: “It’s insane, in this day and age, how much paperwork is required when you kill an intern. “

16:50 Google docs is fail right now. Won’t let me upload a spreadsheet.

18:22 @_the_internet OK, where did my PowerPoint presentation go! I s’pose you pooped it out in Paraguay. I am looking at you with my angry face!

20:55 Photo: lileks:

23:55 Photo: Might as well get this out of the way. (via inthefade)

00:40 Successful Night – I made an impulse buy off of A PCIe ATi TV Wonder 600 card for $20… that…