I went on the online and looked up goose repellent. Geese apparently don’t like flappy things. So  I attached a plastic shopping bag to the rain gage, then lined the shore with those mini-flags that are used to mark underground utilities. Results are very preliminary, but this seems to be working.

Then again, the geese may be taking the day off from pestering me. It would be just like them.

OK, one more Portal 2 video – Faith Plates. Very much borrowed from Quake 3’s bounce pads, but well implemented.

More Portal 2 fun stuff – The Wheatley Demo. I wonder if the annoying English accent voice will make the final version. Game is looking good though. Definitely looks like more story.

E3 Portal 2 demo, “Excursion Tunnels”. Personally I would like some new puzzles for the current Portal to hold me over.  Portal 2 is still a year away.

Purchased some geese repellent. Effing geese. Effing surburban life.