I always like Ray Scott’s call of Ahmad Rashad’s hail mary catch. You hear it near the beginning of the above video.

Oh, and thanks to the enlightenment I have received from tea-baggers, I now know that Ahmad Rashad is a terrorist.

Fun receiving a tracking number for a package that arrived 2 days ago.

Only four hours of sleep yesterday, work, then the big B-day party for Mom. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I slept 10 hours straight. But still, so rare… and very much appreciated.

That was nice… found a mis-configuration in my WRF setup. Just ran the benchmark again with the new setting and it was 8 minutes, 5 seconds. The same benchmark with the wrong setting was that number from yesterday… 10 minutes, 35 seconds.

Fell back to sleep, and had another vivid dream. This time with less freaky. Only 3 hours of sleep, but with two intense REM periods. Curious how the day will go.

That dream freaked me out. Going to take awhile to fall back to sleep.