New Experience

Back from the party. New life experience! Hit on by a gay guy. A taste of what the ladies have to go through… he used… umm… vivid imagery. An awkward social situation to say the least.

I guess I can't blame him, I am pretty damn hot.

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Eyefinity Joy

Latest computer project is an eyefinity setup. Video below shows the final product.  There is an ATi 5770 driving this setup. The monitors are Asus 19″ widescreen LED backlit. They use 15 watts each… so 45 watts total. You must use one of the displayports on the video card in order for Eyefinity to work. These monitors don’t support displayport, so the workaround was a displayport to VGA adapter. The monitor on the left is the one connected to this adapter. The analog signal isn’t noticable, unless you are reading text, then it is noticably blurier. The final resolution is 4320 x 900.

Team Fortess 2 is fantastic. No frustrating setup. Just changed the resolution, and the game changed my perspective accordingly. Played Dirt 2, and the display was stretched. I must have something configured wrong. A fish-eye PoV needs to be applied in order for this work. Tried to play Unreal Tournement 3, and the same perspective problem with this game as well. Research is in order. So you see the trend – some games work right out of the box, and others will need tweaking.

Other details. I purchased that wired cart/shelving at Lowes. I had to place a chunk of plywood on top. The wire wasn’t nearly substantial enough to hold the weight of the three monitors plus the triple display mount. The computer is in that steampunk looking wood case on the bottom shelf. My mouse is the Cyborg RAT 7. The speaker system is a 6 year old Logitech 4.1 system… although I only have 2.1 setup currently.

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My nephew (Shyft) has another release. You should listen to a sample (below), then go to his website and donate a few Rubles for some of his collections.

Wear your adult diaper while listening, shitting your drawers is a possibility.

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