Star Raiders Reboot

The foreign Atari has reboot Star Raiders. The primitive Star Raiders was released in 1979. It was the signature game for the Atari 8-bit computers and the Atari 5200. The 2600 version wasn’t that bad either. I have only seen the trailer (below) and the press release blurbs on this game. No reviews on it so far. Looks pretty and arcade-like. I will go into this blind and download it. It is only $10, after all. My internal debate right now is between the Steam version or Xbox 360. Leaning toward Xbox as I type this.

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No more 10k runs

I set the goal of a 10k run once a week. Sounds good on paper, not good in application. After I do a run, I am pretty much a lump for the next 24 hours.

I did a 10k run early afternoon yesterday. I then went into lump mode. I managed to RMA a defective hard drive, and send it off to Western Digital during the early evening. After that, movie watching and video game playing. I went to bed at 1230 last night. I didn’t crawl out of bed for good until 1130 am. There was a 90 minute bout of insomnia in there, but still. I finally did some spring cleaning in the garage and porch beginning around 4 PM today… and I was moving pretty slow while I was doing that.

So the long runs are not going to happen any more. I can still function after a 5k. A 10k run just shits on me.

Colon Blow Waffles

I keep getting creative with my afternoon waffle. Recent thing I am doing to my diet is adding dietary fiber. Here are the ingredients to this past afternoon’s waffle.

1/2 cup – Red Mill 7 Grain Mix
2 Tbsp – Red Mill High Fiber hot cereal mix
Heaping Tbsp – Red Mill Egg Replacer
Tbsp – Corn meal
1/4 tsp – vanilla extract
Tbsp – Extra virgin Olive oil
Enough water to bring it up to a little over a cup for the total concoction.
20 Blueberries

Then Waffleize this. I pour sugar free syrup over the finished waffle.

Suprisingly, no explosive farting.

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