Hey Future!

They made a time capsule at the Hodgman show this past evening. I filmed it using ones and zeros. In other words, I filmed it without using film. Just crazy. The film is below.

Arcade Jamma Project update

My 60-1 Jamma arcade project is essentially done. One problem, I don’t like the joystick. The one installed is an 8-way Happ Ultimate joystick. Too easy to hit the diagonals, so control in these classic arcade games isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Most of the games from the era were built for 4 way joysticks. So I have a 4 way, ball topped joystick on order. That will be swapped in some time next week.

Other than that, looks pretty sweet. Additional modifications will likely be made. For instance, the wheels may come off and replaced with feet. Wheels seem like a good idea, until you get into the heat of battle. These wheels lock, but that isn’t enough.

Also needs a beer holder.

New Video Card

I installed my newly arrived 7850 HD video card, replacing the 5770 HD. I made a video of the momentous occasion. I am experimenting with monetizing this video through Google. Please view while I await my truckload of internet money.

Brain Damage

I did a run after work in the bustling town of Farmington. I made the mistake of running in the park after dark, that had no lighting. There is a railroad bridge that goes through that park. The clearance is low going underneath that bridge. I hit my head on the bridge. Fortunately I was walking, not running, or I would of been knocked cold. Instead I have a read mark and a bump.

Mutant Storm Reloaded

Mutant Storm Reloaded has been released on Steam. The original Mutant Storm was released way back in 2002. This game pre-dates Geometry Wars (another famous dual-stick game) by about year. It is the first modern dual-stick arcade shooter that I played and liked. The Reloaded version is essentially the same as the original, just updated graphics.  So I was able to pick up where I was in the early aughts when I last played this. I really like the dual stick genre – it is the main style of game I play on the Xbox 360. I go back to Robotron 2084 and Smash TV – the original dual stick games from the 80s.

Because I discovered this game quickly, I was able to make the World Top 10 (number 7 to be exact). I had to snap the picture below to remember this momentous occasion. I suspect I’ll be out of the top 10 before the night is out.

Tim Te…..

I started a wikipedia search on Tim Tebow, and instead I read the article on Tim Teufel. He just became the 3rd base coach for the Mets! No Tebowing for me today, I am doing the Teufel shuffle!

Mike Daisey Speaks

Mike Daisey’s story with This American Life was retracted. In a nutshell, Mike has been doing a monologue about his visit to one of FoxConn’s manufacturing campuses in China. This American Life did a journalistic story on his visit. There were embellishments and some all out lies by Mike. So we are now in damage control. Which is good in this case because there is labor abuse occurring in China’s manufacturing complexes. So below is an hour long monologue by Mike, explaining himself. One thing is for sure, Mike is a great story teller.

New Cord

I swapped out the electrical cord on my Mr. Do arcade machine with a new one. A pretty simple project, actually. Really puzzling as to why the previous owners let it go so long. They probably just didn’t care. Picture of the old cord below.