Busy Day

1) Moved my Mom to a different home. Much better facilities and it looks like they will keep her more active.

2) A 3 mile walk in the woods near my childhood home.

3) At current home, cut half the lawn.

4) Filled in where the ground sank. Five wheelbarrows of muddy topsoil.

5) Raised the dock a bit. Still in the water, but it is more level.

Time for a tasty alcoholic beverage.

Hand washing

I have started hand washing my clothes. The protocol is:

  1. Throw clothes into the wash tub next to the broken washer.
  2. A shot of detergent with a teaspoon of oxy-cleaner.
  3. Fill tub with warm water and let soak for an hour.
  4. Some hand mixing from time-to-time during this hour.
  5. Drain water then refill the tub a couple times to emulate rinse cycles.
  6. After rinsing, drop clothes into the spin dryer I purchased (see picture below).
  7. From here, either air dry, or throw the load into the dryer for about 20 minutes.

The spin dryer is a bit buggy. Really hard to balance the load. The instructions recommend a full load. I am having better luck with half filling the container. Even then I usually have to do some adjusting when the container badly wobbles. Once I do get the spinner up to full speed, the results are really good. Much more water is removed compared to my washers final spin cycle.

I also have a Wonder Wash (also in picture below). I don’t think I’ll recommend it. The hand crank tumbling of your clothes doesn’t seem to be enough. The soaking in a big tub with occasional hand mixing seems to do a better job. If you don’t have a big tub (like in a condo or apartment), this may be enough.

I will cave-in and get a new washer, but I do like this back-up method of doing the wash.