Greg Proops – Supremes

I went to the live Proopcast at the Varsity Theater on June 28. Witnessed the live recording of a Smartest Man of the World podcast episode, he would later call “Supremes“. I recorded the video of the first half hour (below). Besides him riffing on the local area, you will also get to witness his hover table. I actually had a mini-tripod with me, but didn’t have the nerve to pull it out and use it. So we have this motion sickness inducing video. Enjoy!

You get what you get, and don’t be upset.

The latest “Roderick on the Line” episode is the most scattered, ADD infested podcast that I have ever heard. I don’t think they stayed on topic longer than 18 seconds. Not an episode for the feint of heart. A little over an hour, I spent at least another hour playing the game, “where the hell did that reference come from?” For instance I searched for “nose cold sore” images. I will not be able unsee those images now. The image below is one of the nicer images from that search. Her name is either Donna or Intercoursey.