Witch Hunt

Poor Adrian Peterson. Not the brightest bulb in the Home Depot lighting department. Definitely needs a life coach to follow him around, to help with personal choices.

I have empathy for him. He was raised by a Dad that regularly beat him growing up. After 7th grade, he received guidance from his father through a prison phone system. His Dad was jailed for trafficking cocaine. Apparently beating your child causes developmental problems. So does absence of a parent. So if Adrian is missing the full spectrum of life skills, we have a leading suspect.

So now that we know that Adrian beat his kid, we, as a society, should step in and teach Adrian the proper techniques of parenting. It may be too late, Adrian may be unteachable in this area. But we have to try. This is what is best for his kids. The best scenario is having Adrian around, and being a good Dad.

So take Adrian out for a few games. During this time off, develop a strategy for rehabilitating Adrian. Once he is allowed again to be around his children, make sure it is a controlled environment. After a passage of time under supervision, if it is determined that the parenting lessons aren’t taking, he should never be allowed to be alone with his kids.

Just my opinion on how things should transpire. Even if the proper parenting skills don’t take hold, and he isn’t allowed to be alone with his kids… it will be good for his kids to have him around, and not in jail.

Beating a 4 year his horrible. We know that because Adrian was that 4 year old 25 years ago.

Suddenly I am feeling very good. Don’t worry, I’m sure it will pass.