Track and Field Arcade

I just spent 15 minutes on a Facebook post. Must not waste all that effort and not post it here as well… so here it is.

My story of an Aladdin’s Castle manager helping me out.

I was using the pencil cheat for playing Track and Field. The manager was cool with it, even looking over my shoulder while I played sometimes.

After I was done, usually some neanderthal would come up and start pounding his fist on the run buttons. This pounding meant replacing the run buttons on the machine. The manager had had enough, replaced the buttons with ones that had guards (pictured). So now players couldn’t pound on the game anymore (well, without a lot of pain).

These guards also meant I couldn’t use my pencil cheat. I gave my best pouty look to the manager, then pathetically played without the cheat. The next time in, the guards had been dremeled so I could use my pencil, but still enough of a guard to keep people from pounding on the game. I gave the manager a big thank you.

No, the manager wouldn’t let me participate in the national Track and Field contest with my cheat. He didn’t go that far.

That’s the end of that tale. Below is a video of me using the pencil cheat. Although in this case, I am using a piece of dowel.


I am going to give Grammarly another try. Grammarly is a Chrome extension that checks your spelling and grammar. I apparently tried it a few years back, because I had an account already assigned to my email. I hope it works because my writing is getting worse, not better. My worst habit is that I drop words. A totally normal sentence, but a word or two is just plain missing.

I discovered the Yellofier app. You can make random noises into your IOS device, and it will then let you arrange and modify these noises into music. It is just a music doodler, nothing pro level. But really fun! I shall attach a 10 second sound bite of what I created.

A new FrontLine Assembly album dropped recently. I have found a few really good nuggets in the mix. Not any bad songs, but there are few that are just boring. The usual filler that disappoints you. “Living a Lie” is one of the more lively songs. Someone has already made a homemade video for it.

Chemical Brothers have also released a new album. I have not purchased this yet, but this early video is a lot fun… and it gets weird. I know, a Chemical Brothers video that’s weird. Just shocking.

Well, I had another 2 or 3 things I was going to post about, but they are gone from my memory. I really should jot these things down.