Getting Better

Finally turned the corner on this bastard Flu. I better have, since it is now day 7 of a seven day bug. Fever actually made it down to 99.2 degrees this morning, before rebounding back to around 101 degrees. That was the first time below 100 degrees since Tuesday. My high temperature mark during the entire ordeal was 103.5 degrees.

Part of the reason I haven’t been posting is that I had become really sensitive to light. Watching TV and viewing the computer screen became really tough. This is improving. I was able to watch the Vikings game, although I was constantly wiping tears from my eyes (no, I am not that emotional about football games).

Still have the really bad headache. This will probably take a good while to go away.

I missed 5 overnight-shifts (including one scheduled for tonight) and one day-shift during the mess. My next scheduled day for work is Thursday. I should be good to go by then.

Finally, I am eternally greatful of the help from Goatgirl during this. Thanks xxxooo.

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