Golfing With Tiger

I am playing in a pro-am golf tournament. I am in Tiger Wood’s ‘s foursome, and we are on the 18th green, getting ready to wrap up the round. All of our balls are safely on the green, and we are about to begin putting. Then suddenly, my ball caroms off the green. Someone from the party behind us has hit into our group. From the gallery shouts, “It was Harold Duffy”. Tiger with an evil smile on face, picks up Harold’s ball, flings it in front of himself, then with his golf club, baseball bats the golf ball back to Harold Duffy’s party. The crowd cheers as Tiger, still smiling, waves at the group that hit into us.

I then drop my ball back on to the green in the approximate location where it was before. Now there are about 50 balls on the putting surface, so now I have all of these balls between me and the hole. I get frustrated and just pick up my ball and head back to my hotel.

So that was my dream last night. What does it mean? Probably means I am coming down with something. I usually have weird dreams before becoming sick.

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