Hey, Let’s Call it Marble Wackiness!

I am currently in an ebay auction to buy an arcade Marble Madness machine. As of this typing, I am high bidder with 3 days left. I fully expect some professional game collector to outbid me. I am not purchasing this to make part of a collection, I want to actually play this machine.

Marble Madness was my favorite game during my mall rat days. My all-time high score was in the low 180,000 range. During the time, I never saw a higher score. According to Twin Galaxies, the all-time high score is 187,880, I doubt I scored that high. The score you see to the right is my all-time high score using the Mame emulator. The Mame emulator unfortunately uses the mouse drivers built for Windows. I can not achieve the speed or precision that I could with the actual arcade game.

Besides being a game that is challenging, it is also a very pretty game. Even though it was designed over 20 years ago, the game still stands up today as a work of art. Whomever designed this game was either on drugs or very imaginative and creative. The game is non-violent, so even Mr. Jack Thompson wouldn’t be offended.

On the outside chance I do win this sucker, I shall post pictures of this trippy game machine.

Update 11/28: No additional bids so far. I suspect most of the action will be in the last hour. I wonder if I should get some auto-bidding software.

Update 11/29: A little over 24 hours left in the auction and I still have high bid. I can’t stand the drama.

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