Kitty in Krisis – Day 5

The Kat started puking up his food last Thursday. On Friday, I assumed that it was a 24 hour food poisoning, so I felt comfortable leaving the Kat alone while I traveled to the Twin Cities. I arrive back 48 hours later on Sunday to find a plethora of puke piles (alliterations are fun, aren’t they). Even with the mess, Kitty seems to be doing fine. He has full energy and is frisky. I even wrestled with him for a few minutes that night. Monday I awoke to another puking session, so I took some time off from work to bring Kat to the vet. X-rays, indicated a foreign object in his Kolon. Since Kat seemed not to be in any discomfort, the vet just pumped him full of fluids, and told me to watch over him.

It took 36 hours, but Kitty-Kat dumped his Klog this evening. I helped matters by feeding him milk and Kream. He was able to keep that down, thankfully. Milk products are known for containing lots of Kalories, and helping to lube the GI track. Seemed to work for Kat.

So I am thinking of taking that foreign object (still in the litter box), and finding a suitable frame and placing it on my fireplace hearth. Would be a grand ornament for the holiday season.

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