The Shining

I finally saw the movie, “The Shining” last night. I have been making an effort to see all of the Kubrick films, and this was may latest stop. I saw “Clockwork Orange” a couple weeks back, and “Full Metal Jacket” a couple weeks before that.

I haven’t read the Stephen King book, which is fine, since Kubrick’s version is only loosely based on the book. King’s book apparently hit on the supernatural stuff and the inner demons of Jack more, while Kubrick hit on the dehumanizing theme. In this film, it is never made clear if what you are seeing are actual supernatural events, or images that are made up in their head. From what I understand about the book, it is made more clear that these are supernatural events.

Cool movie, I liked it. Horror movies should be done like this. The major criticism of the movie I have is the music. For instance, Jack is walking through the Gold Room toward the bar. There are these screaming, eerie violins playing as he is walking. Absolutely no connection between the action and the music. I don’t like artificial tension. This one thing I don’t like in general of horror flicks. I was hoping this film, being done by one of film’s masters would be different in this aspect. It wasn’t.

The main thing this movie did do right was build up to the action. The melt down of the characters as the movie progressed, was well done. The horror at the end seems to make sense by the time you reach that point. That is something you don’t see in most horror flicks.

During the day today, I have been blurting out the occasional, “Red Rum!”. Plus the Road Runner theme is constantly playing in my head. Now that I have seen this movie, I like this flash version of the film even more.

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