I Suppose I Better Tell You About My Weekend Already

Let’s start with Thursday. I think I did next to nothing that day. I might of done some shopping, then a 2 mile jog… I dunno… it’s all a blur now. Oh, that’s the shopping I did, I bought a green T-shirt.

Friday was St. Patricks Day. I packed my things and headed to the Twin Cities. Just as I was pulling out of my driveway, my foam mattress arrived in a little brown truck. I shoved this in the back of my car, and continued on my way south to Little Canada. Once there, I hauled the mattress into the condo. On the box it recommends team lifting. I should of listened, I strained my back.

Once the mattress was unpacked, I dressed up in my Green T-shirt (pants? who needs pants?), and headed for the Palm Club. I hung out briefly with two members of the Zoyx Lawyer Team during the late afternoon. I am still holding one of the members green, plastic, blinking shamrock hostage. I haven’t come up with demands yet. Oh, and for those wondering, liquor does wonders for a sore back.

I was invited to a Paddies Day Party down in Faribault. Two reasons I wussed out on going. It was a 40 mile drive by myself. This pretty much meant no drinking. I also would of played the role of creepy old guy, with a bunch of “kids” 10 to 20 years younger than me. I couldn’t get myself excited enough to play that role.

So I hung out with a couple of friends closer to my age and closer to home. One of the friends volunteered to be driver so the other two of us could get a bit drunky. We called it quits fairly early that evening… about 11:30 PM. Two of us felt pukey from something we ate.

Next day was LAN Party day. My main gaming buddy and I drove out to Medina for this get together. This was a crowd we had never been with before. Took a chance and it worked out great. This was a basement LAN with about 20 people. The games they played were stuff I liked. A lot of UT2004… some Onslaught, Invasion, and Jailbreak. Battlefield 2 and Serious Sam 2 were also thrown into the mix. The last game was Ghost Recon, but we didn’t stick around for that.

For Sunday, I was supposed to go for an 8K run with one of the Zoyx attorneys, but I had another belly ache from the bad food mix at the LAN party. So I drove back to Duluth. That evening, instead of composing this entry, I bummed around. The only thing I did was hook up this controller I recently purchased, to my PC. Then I tested out the controller on classic arcade games for a bit.

That concludes this fun lovin’ post.


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