Fire Engine!

Oh, thank you, Hypo Luxa.

The Revolting Cocks latest CD contains the song, “Fire Engine”. I have played this song about 10 times straight. I then went for a jog, and it was in my brain the entire time.

Why do I like this song? I have no clue. All right, some clue. It is a great wall of sound, and it’s silly. Would you see Trent Reznor getting this silly? I think not. He’s too damn introspective to have this much fun.

Let me share in the greatness that is RevCo… you can stream the “Fire Engine” music video! The wife of Hypo Luxa was kind enough to post links to the music video stream in this forum thread.

I think you will agree, this is much more fun than being shot by a tazer!

Update: Since I suck at reviews, here is one done by a “pro”. It approximates my feelings on the CD, “Cocked and Loaded”.

Update #2: In that cartoon music video, you may have noticed one of the cartoon band members holding a guitar with 6 arms on it. Here is a clue to who that is supposed to represent.

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