I just bought myself a new gizmo ( linkage). This “personal training device” will be primarily be used when I jog. However, this unit will come in handy when I go for a hike or go biking. Maybe it will be water proof enough for kayaking and river tubing. Through the use of software and a website, I can post routes that I took on the internet. So hopefully I can post fun hike routes on this here blog.

The big melt has started. This is the third straight day of temperatures well into the 40s. We actually popped briefly above 50 yesterday. Still a long way to go to get rid of the snow around here. We are expecting thunderstorms tonight. This coupled with the snow melt, may cause a flooding problem or two. Fortunately, just to the south of here, there is very little snow cover.

Old man Prince can still pull out a hit album from his colon. His new album, “3121”, debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Prince isn’t the only Minnesota icon from the 1980s making noise, the Replacements are assembling a “best of” CD. The remaining members got together (picture) and cranked out two new songs for this release. If you want a reminder of what the Replacements sounded like, this guy has the “Bastards of Young” video embedded in a blog entry.

Edit: “The Ledge” – by the Replacements. “Achin’ to be” – by the Replacements.

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  1. Hiya. You know me (or don’t know me) from mister absurd. Would you mind if I *friend* you on LJ?? Anyone who says something like, “Old man Prince can still pull out a hit album from his colon” must be on my friends list!


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