I have to break some hearts today. The word “dork”, is not the proper term for whale penis. At least not according to this guy. I know we all had our hopes up that this was the magical meaning for dork, but it isn’t. In actuality, when someone calls you a dork, he/she is just calling you fucking retard. Nothing more, nothing less. End of argument.

I just went to the infamous Palm Club. I took my own picture of the WALL OF SHAME. So now it is time for a game. See if you can find the special 86’d note on the wall of shame. You can do it without any clues from me.

I also took this picture of the west bank. I finally learned the “street name” of those apartment towers in the back ground. That term is “crack stacks”. I will let you, and your imagination, figure out the meaning.

There is going to be a play about the west bank of the U of Mn campus coming up. There will be 16 showings of this play during the month of June. I would have more details about this stage presentation. Frankly, I was too liquored up to catch all of them.

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