Damn Lake

I spent the 26th through the 29th down in the Twin Cities and today I was back in Duluth. My current house is 2 miles from the Duluth Airport. My previous house from two years ago was in Duluth Harbor. Now the temperature round up from this past weekend.

High temperatures…

		Duluth Harbor	Duluth Airport	Minneapolis
May 26		61		68		83
May 27		55		69		87
May 28		58		79		97
May 29		59		77		94
May 30		84		79		84

Okay you amateur weather folk, guess which way the wind was blowin’ during these days. You now have some insight as to why Duluth springs can suck the big one, especially when you live in downtown Duluth. This effect becomes less dramatic in the summer when the lake warms up.

We had a cold front with associated thunder bumpers last evening. The thumb picture with this post is of those storms as they moved over Duluth Harbor.

My nephews are playing the game Armadillo Run. I have just started tinkering with this construction type game. Definitely has the potential of being addicting. The nephews and their friends have made some very clever virtual contraptions.

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