I really should update my blog.

I started the riding lawn mower today for the first time in 15 months. Had to use a battery charger to get the thing going. Now to put it on the market.

Still looking for a good home for the snow blower and my cross-bow resistance exercise thing.

Visited my future place of employ Tuesday in Farmington. Should be fun! There are something like 200 folks that roam that facility. They are going to take 4 weeks to train me in. Seems a bit excessive, but I suppose they have their reasons.

I visited the Thomson Legal building in Eagan. This is where the Zoyx Lawyers hang out. I have never seen a cube farm that huge. It wasn’t even on one floor, at least 3 floors of cubes for as far as the eye could see. Yeah, I am sure you lose a piece of your soul in that environment.

I found this neat little condo in Edina, MN. Next time I am in cities I will have to get a showing. This place is about a half an hour drive to the job in Farmington, and 15 to 20 minute drive to a possible future job in Chanhassen. The main thing it has is those amenities that I like to spoil myself with.

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