Brain Liposuction

We did it! The temperature for the Twin Cities topped the 100 mark for the first time since July 1995. The official temperature at the Mpls/St. Paul airport hit 101 at around 4 PM. Cold front with thunderstorms will be moving through tonight. These storms are going through Duluth as I type. Hopefully my house will still be there when I get back.

I am living life dangerously by staying at my Little Canada condo. There is a restraining order against me. The dinosaur pictured is the one that filed the grievance. Court orders also say I am not supposed to talk about “the episode”. All I can say is, sorry for the loss of the tip of your tail, Mr. Sinclair Gas Station Dinosaur. This will teach me to get too drunk at Gordies. I get loose judgment, cross the street to the Sinclair station, then bad things happen.

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