Team Chaos

The day today. Worked overnight shift. Went to bed at 8 AM. Phone call from movers at 10:30, waking me up. Attempts to fall back to sleep fails. Cut the front half of lawn. Get call from realtor in Shakopee at 1:30 PM. My final purchase agreement is faxed to work. I go to work and sign the agreement and fax it back. Arrange for this final agreement to be faxed to my mortgage broker. Get prescription drugs at Walmart. Arrive back home around 3 PM. My realtor in Duluth calls saying that the house showing for this afternoon will be postponed until 7 PM. Hmmm, I usually am asleep at 7 PM while working overnight shifts. Schedule inspection of Shakopee house (pictured) for Saturday morning. Take nap early starting at 4:30 PM. Sleep until 6 PM. Get call from realtor saying that the house showing is canceled. Do 2.25 mile jog. Start watching Viking pre-season game at 7 PM. Conclude, win or lose, the Vikings are going to be a boring football team.

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  1. Your new house

    Judging by the picture, I don’t think we’ll be having the family Christmas at your place. Nice lot, though.


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