Followed the inspector around my future house yesterday. The house does have some issues, and I will have to spend some bucks. Mainly on the exterior. This is fine. I was planning on making changes to the exterior anyway, due to aesthetics. Now that I have seen some defects, these changes will be raised in priority.

I toured the shag room this inspection. This is the room with the lime green shag carpeting in it. Well I found the perfect chair for this room. This bean bag chair by Sumo. They call it an “Urban Lounge Chair”. I guess they are trying to get a disconnect from the earlier generation 70s versions. In comparison to the older bean bag chair, the dimensions are a huge 4.5 x 5.5 feet. It is also made with “space-age”, rip resistant, spill resistant nylon. This nylon doesn’t sound all that comfortable. Might have to crochet my own slip cover.

Then there is Fanny Bags. Softer and a touch smaller. The main thing that caught my eye at this site was this statement. “Alone? You are more likely to hook-up with the opposite sex on a foam bag than on a sofa”. There you go, I have to get one. This web site has tapped into my sexual insecurity, and now has a sale. Bravo!

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