Taking Stock

Let’s see… I moved all of my furniture out of the log home Friday. Today was my first day of work at the new job. I am in “what the hell have I just done?” mode right now. Spar the Kat is wondering the same thing as well. He is currently sitting in the middle of the living room, meowing at me. Probably can be translated to, “We had it perfect up in Duluth, and now we are in this shit hole”. Hopefully things will improve when I am in the Shakopee house, and I am settled into the new job.

4 Replies to “Taking Stock”

    1. No, it won’t.

      No, it won’t. You’ve just begun a life of unremitting toil and sorrow. You’ll regret this forever.


      P. S. Welcome to the big city. Do you still play golf?

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