Weird Dream Night

First dream was about the coming apocalypse. The signs were everywhere that it was coming. People were so sure, they were digging their own graves, including myself. The thing that convinced me was that I saw one of my relatives develop a magic touch. This person was touching children on the head and they would become possessed by satan. These children would glow blue after being possessed. They turned blue because the original devil was blue instead of red. I learned this on a PBS special.

Second dream began with me on the edge of a lake. I go to the end of a dock and dive in. The water is crystal clear and I can see all this merchandise. I just dove into an underwater mall! I swim around into various shops. I have to come up for air on occasion, but dive back down again. Then the curators of this mall close up. I get stuck inside and drown… along with about 20 other “shoppers”.

Next dream takes place in St. Paul, circa 1922. I know this because I picked up a newspaper during the dream. I am witness to a secret government project. They are building a humongous flying machine. It is blimp shaped, and made out of planks of wood. Its hugeness requires 8 buses for landing gear. I did see it fly, and it flew quietly and gracefully. Upon landing, it almost kills people because the 8 bus landing gear is very clumsy. The buses were on 8 independent legs and you didn’t know which way they were going to go.

I had two other dreams last night, but I can’t recall them.

What are these dreams a sign of? Usually means I am coming down with something. I am overdo. I went to a wedding reception last Sunday, and you know those things are disease vectors.

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