Lawn Mower Fun


The riding lawn mower has a dead battery. The battery is so dead that it won’t take a charge. I am going to put off buying a new battery until next spring.

The push mower didn’t travel well. Something is gumming up the works. The blade won’t spin without me going underneath and using a great deal of force. I am guessing there is oil where it shouldn’t be. Some oil has dripped out of the muffler. That can’t be good.

I bought a new lawn mower before going into work yesterday morning from Lowes. I made it out to the car just fine with the mower. When I lifted the box to go into the back of my car, the bottom of the box broke. The new mower was sent flying onto the parking lot. The lawn mower did a flip and landed upside down, scratching the top of the mower. I was in a hurry to get to work so I put the mower in, collapsed the box and went on my way. I realized as I left Lowes that I had placed the receipt in the box at the cash register. I drove back to my parking spot, and thankfully the receipt was still on the ground there.

I just put gas and oil into the new machine and it started up just fine. The temperature is in the 20s right now, so I am going to postpone my grass cutting until tomorrow afternoon. I will have the day off tomorrow.

In other moving news, I found my external sound “card” for my laptop computer. This has been missing for at least a year. I must of done at least 5 hours worth of searching in the log home for this thing over the past year. The device came with a remote control, and that is still missing. I would love to know where the movers found it.

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