More Music Vids

Ima guessin’ that with Google buying YouTube, coupled with pressure from big corporate, we will begin to see our favorite music vids and other copyrighted stuff pulled. So we better enjoy them while we can, eh. Here is some newer music that I have enjoyed recently.

Warm Leatherette” by Trent Reznor, Jeordie White, Peter Murphy. The gothic voice of Peter Murphy, backed by the industrial noise of Trent Reznor. Very interesting mix. This is a live radio broadcast. Curious if there is a studio session related to this. I’ll google later. These guys are music veterans… Murphy is 49 years old… Reznor is 41.

Black Grease” – Black Angels. This band seems to be reaching for that early 70s buzz guitar sound. They even have some songs with a Vietnam theme. Interesting retro band for these times. Good music though.

Sugar” – Ladytron. Yep, newer gothic. They have another video that kinda creeps me out. I have a tough time watching it. I am referring to the video for “Destroy Everything You Touch“.

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