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I wake up this morning… oooh… a little before 8 AM. I scratch my ass and waddle out to the kitchen. I fix up that PBJ sandwich that can’t be beat… then plod down to the computer. I start viewing my e:mail alerts (Plumber job in St. Cloud anyone?). My eye catches the time. My computer claims that it is 7:03 AM.

Wait for it…

It’s coming…

Pregnant pause…

Oh, today is the day we switch to standard time. Fuck.

So I finish my sandwich, then throw a few basic tools into the car, and drive out to the condo. Today is the day I did the final cleaning before I place the condo on the market.

Yesterday was the day I moved the heavy stuff out of there. The Marble Madness machine is now side-by-side with the Tempest game in the basement here. I have to say, my basement is looking pretty damn cool. I have the games, a video projector, surround sound stereo system, pool table, dart board and a wood burning stove. Get the hot tub and the hookers going, and this basement will be complete.

I bought an Oregon Scientific weather station. I took down the TV antenna off of the roof and replaced it with the weather station instruments. I fired up the base station and it seems to be up and running. Bad news is that the PC software doesn’t seem to want to work with the base station. The software claims that it is connected via USB, but yet all the numbers are zeroed out. I hope the fix is something simple.

Today was also the first day I kayaked on Thole Lake. Not a big lake, but all the fingers in the lake can extend the length of any kayak hike you do. One thing that pops out, lots of expensive houses on this lake. I’m sure a few”estates” easily bump over the million dollar mark. Next lake… O’Dowd Lake.

I have been telling folks I live in Shakopee, and will probably continue to. But actually I live in Louisville Township. I am livin’ the rural life. My back yard view is of a pond, and beyond that, a corn field with silos.

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