– Day off today. Temperatures spiked to the mid-40s this afternoon with a bit of sun. Cabin fever made me do a 10k jog then wash my car. I am now stiff and sore.

– Found the first major bug on my Vista machine. OpenGL games don’t work. I have installed the ATi Catalyst 7.2 driver package. This driver package does claim to contain OpenGL drivers. When I fire up Quake 3, I get a “Can’t find OpenGL subsystem” error. For Quake 4 and Open Arena, I get a hard stop blue screen of death. My DirectX games work fine.

– Fried my ultra-sonic humidifier. It is supposed to stop when it runs out of water. It didn’t. I bought a new one when I went grocery shopping today.

– I believe I solved the mystery of the furnace acting up. I am using soft water to fill the humidifiers. So I am spraying salt dust into the air. This is clogging my furnace filters. The theory is now, when the filter is clogged enough, the furnace stops running due to lack of air flow. So a new ritual. Twice a week or so, I take the filter outside and tap out the salt dust that has accumulated. I have had no furnace problems since starting this ritual.

– Still getting caught up on my David Lynch movies. I watched “Lost Highway” a few days ago. “Eraserhead” came in the mail today.

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