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– Tear down of the old siding has begun. Already had a rain day yesterday. Tomorrow could be another.

– Ice melted on the pond Sunday. I rolled the dock out into the water that day.

– Reached 81 degrees back on Monday. A record high for that day.

– Hundreds of dead fish washed ashore on my beach on Monday. The ice was especially thick this year, and no one had an aerator running. The result was oxygen starvation for well over a thousand fish. I cleared the fish from around my dock, but the ones that are mixed in with the cattails will have to break down there. A not so pleasant smell in my back yard, to say the least.

– The snow melt caused high water along the Minnesota River (click on thumb). The crest was just a half foot below flood stage. The trees in that picture have a different opinion about what is flood stage. I was a little late in capturing the crest. The picture is from today… about a foot and a half below the crest.

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