Goodbye Kurt

Bunch of Youtube videos from a 70s documentary on Mr. Vonnegut.

Personal anecdote: Mr. Vonnegut spoke at Northern Michigan University, probably in 1998. He gave his talk, I was thoroughly entertained. After the talk, an informal talk with Kurt took place, complete with cake and punch. Probably about 20 folks for this. Just Kurt and a bunch of people standing and yapping it up. Questions were thrown out, and Kurt answered. It was about a half hour into this back and forth, I decided I wanted more of that yummy cake. I grabbed a chunk with my fingers and jammed it into my mouth. I look back at the lead speaker. This was the only time of the night that I made eye contact with Kurt. After seeing me with cake icing on my lips and chomping away, he decided that he had enough, and it was time to call it a night.

Edit: I made a post about Kurt Vonnegut two and a half years ago. I remembered his talk better then. Apparently it was 1997, not 1998. This brings up the main reason I blog, to help me remember shit.

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  1. Kurt

    You refer to yourself in the third person a lot.
    This is a sign of a disturbed personality.

    s/s The Zoyx Psychiatrist

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