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I placed a deposit down on a new Honda Fit. I am getting the Sport version just so I can get that rear spoiler. This is just a deposit, no obligation to buy. I have yet to test drive the Fit. The dealerships don’t have any Fits in stock to drive. So when my order comes in, is when I do the test drive. If I don’t like it, I get my deposit back. Then the car goes out into the lot, where it will probably sell within a day or two.

This won’t be my first time driving an economy car. I drove a Dodge Omni for 5 years during the 80s. And I drove a couple of small Subarus during the early 90s. Concerning that Omni, it met with an untimely end in 1989 (click on thumb). After the accident, there were traffic lights installed at that intersection within a year. I always like to take credit for those traffic lights, but I doubt my accident was the first one at that intersection.

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