Biking and Faux Skating

I just completed my first bike of the season. The trip was a loop starting at my place, over to Prior Lake and back. I wish the roads around here had wider shoulders, so I would feel safer. Pretty farm country, however. I had not seen any log homes in this area until I took this trip. I saw 3 log homes within a mile stretch along highway 13. There is a DQ along this path. Any future trips will have to include that DQ.

After a bit of a hiatus, I competed in the Atari 2600 high score challenge. This week was Ice Hockey by Activision. I was good at this game as a teenager, so I thought this would be a good week to join in. I came in third. I was very pleased with this result. The Twin Galaxies all-time record for this game was a score differential of 14. The high score this week came in with a differential of 47. I had a score differential of 40 goals.

I made a YouTube video of me playing for a couple minutes (not a complete game, thank god). To make this video, I played on the Stella emulator on my PC, and used Camtasia Studio to record the window. Saved the recording as a wmv video, then uploaded this to YouTube.

Finally, Weird Al has fun with Palindromes, using one of Bob Dylan’s songs as a base.

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