Another Fitgers 5k

I ran the Fitgers 5k again this year. I ran the first mile with the remarkably lovely and still enigmatic goatgirl. Her pace was 10 minute/mile, which slowed down my time from the usual. Just as well, the carb loading (alcohol was the carb of choice) the night before would of made it hard to get my goal time anyway. The last 2 or so miles when I ran alone was a testament to that. I only improved to 8.5 minute mile pace. The Zoyx attorney and one of her friends also walked the race. Definitely a fun time.

That darn Duluth weather reared its ugly head. It was rainy before the race with temperatures in the 40s. The rain let up enough for the race to precede so we only had sprinkles while we ran. Tempertures were still in the 40s though. I’m back safely in the Zoyx Compound. High temperature today at the compound, 78 degrees.

In other news, looks like Mike Daisey had a doozie of a show a couple nights back. Members of a Christian group got up en masse in the middle of his show. Apparently they didn’t read any reviews or did any research before attending the show. It was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube. You can read about this event on Mike Daisey’s blog.

Finally, the primary enemy of the Starship Enterprise? Secondary effect logos!

3 Replies to “Another Fitgers 5k”

  1. We RAN Fitger’s

    You have a serious problem with your Zoyx fact checker. Ris & I RAN the dang 5K. If we were walkers, we would have gotten a trophy.

    There. You are now corrected.

    1. Re: We RAN Fitger’s

      Okay, I just looked it up. Your 13:33 pace is on the boundary of “fast walk” and “slow jog”.

      My 8:57 pace is considered an “enthusiastic gallop”!

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