I made a video of me playing the Mame version of Marble Madness. It is a cliff hanger! Do I finish the Ultimate Race? I am better with the actual arcade machine. However, the highest Marble Madness score I have seen is this run, which uses Mame. I can’t get moving as fast as this guy gets on my arcade machine. Still trying to figure out how he gets his virtual marble to move so fast.

I saw Scott Herriott on the Infected podcast. Topics included Scott’s latest documentarys and the latest happenings with Bigfoot. One of Scott’s documentarys is called “This Exit Only“. Scott visited and filmed a variety of road side stops across our great country. I ordered a copy of this DVD. I’ll give a full report after the viewing. They showed a clip from this documentary on the podcast. I snipped this clip and put it on YouTube. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I went on a CD buying frenzy. Here is the list:

Nuages du Monde – Delerium
Artificial Soldier – Front Line Assembly
Year Zero – Nine Inch Nails
Fallout – Front Line Assembly
Judgement – VNV Nation

No editorial comments about these albums. Just and FYI about my buying tastes. Just one tease… this video is from the Delerium CD.

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