Its Friggin Hot

I turned on the AC for the first time yesterday …. and it didn’t work. Oh noises were being made, but the air coming out of my vents was about 77 degrees. The 90 degree outdoor temperature laughed a mocking laugh at this pathetic attempt at cooling. The upstairs of my house heated up into the mid 80s. Thankfully the basement is remaining a relatively cool 75 degrees, so I can sleep at night.

Sounds like the AC needed a recharge of freon. The house inspector I hired caught this, and it was written into the purchase agreement. But yet here I am with an unrecharged air conditioner. That makes me most bitter… or is it tart. I have trouble telling the difference.

The air conditioner is 20 or so years old. So instead of the recharge, I went for the new unit. The new unit is built for the new environmental friendly freon. Unfortunately, after rebates, the cost is going to $2800. The money pit that is this house continues.

The next big expenses expected will be to swap out a patio door and new hot water heater. Those two expenses will probably be around another $3000. Joy!

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