Oil Change

I bought some Mobile One Turbo Diesel and Truck (TDT) oil for my Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) car. I chose this oil because according to the TDI FAQ, all I needed was an API grade of CG-4. This oil met this grade as well as CH-4, CI-4 and CI-4+ grades. I then purchased an oil filter from the dealership, and I drove up to the local Jiffy Lube and told them to swap in the oil and filter. While I was paying up for the service, the manager told me that they used Mobil Delvac 1 for all of the TDIs that come in, and that the oil I chose wasn’t as good. So he got me thinking.

After I got home, I checked the oil level. They over filled. This is a bad thing. Because overfilled oil, increases the chance of crankcase oil getting into the cylinders, which can cause a runaway diesel. A runaway diesel engine is one that is at full rev, with no way to shut it off. Well unless you shoot CO2 from a fire extinguisher into the air intake. So I drive back to the Jiffy Lube and have them suck out the excess.

Back home again, I start doing research beyond the FAQ. Apparently my Pump Deuce (PD) version TDI needs and even more specific oil than the one placed in my machine. I then opened the owner’s manual (step 27 in Zoyx world) and saw this very ominous warning. To paraphrase, “You will die if you so much as mix a drop of any other oil that doesn’t meet the VW 505.01 standard”. This fear mongering worked on me.

I immediately hit the road to my local VW dealer. I then purchase another oil filter and their very specific oil for my car. The total for all of this is another $45. I ask if the dealership could swap out the oil for me. They had a 10 day backlog on appointments. So I drove to a nearby Valvoline oil change place and they did the swapping for me. I traveled an entire 20 miles on my TDT oil change.

Somewhere in all this, I started a forum thread in the TDIclub community. Apparently there are a few adventurous folks using TDT in their PD-TDI. I don’t think I will. Well, maybe after the warranty is up.

Concerning two blog posts back, I canceled the contract to put in a new air conditioner for the house. I need to shop around, I think I can get cheaper without losing quality.

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