Damn Kids

I went to Dubuque, Iowa this past weekend with the wonderful, loving, still enigmatic, I think I am falling in love with again, Goatgirl. Her family had a party out on a 5 acre hobby farm, complete with a dunk tank, trampoline, and other kid toys. The evening began with a dinner that couldn’t be beat, then a live band played a mix of classic rock and country. I did some dancing, although I think the dance I did was more like drunken stumbling.

We tent camped that night. I thunderstorm strafed us… no direct hit. Although I counted how far the lightning was… the closest strike was about 2 miles away. The rain wasn’t particularly strong, but some water did manage to make it into the tent. Some clothes got wet, but I had enough dry clothes for the drive home that day. Had a nice breakfast that morning with mom and a brother. Saw the childhood home where the 7 kids were raised. Then drove home. Good times, can’t wait to do something like that again!

Oh yeah, about those damn kids…

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